Maximised accuracy

As a responsible hunter you want to be sure to be following the hunting principles. Wounding an animal is not acceptable. To accomplish that you have to be able to rely on your shot landing where you intend it to. The ZEISS DTC 4/50 thermal imaging clip-on ensures maximum accuracy. The large 640×512 sensor impresses with a sensitive NETD value. This produces a sharp and clear image, allowing you to safely harvest game both in the forest and in the open field thanks to the optimised detail recognition.

With the digital zeroing assistant, your DTC 4/50 can be zeroed quickly and easily using the ZEISS Hunting App. Once the combination of thermal imaging clip-on and riflescope has been matched, you can save the setting as a profile in the app. You can store up to four shooting profiles and therefore easily change the clip-on from one riflescope to another.

Two-piece ZEISS adapter

An adapter is required to attach the ZEISS DTC to your riflescope. The two-piece ZEISS Adapter offers you the newest technology and allows an easy and fast mount and dismount of the thermal clip-on device. In combination with the zeroing profiles of the DTC the ZEISS adapter can be used on up to 4 different riflescopes. The bayonet mount allows a fast exchange without any shot deviation.

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