Z8i 0.75-6×20

Ideal for driven hunts, with 8x zoom so that you never miss out. The lightweight Z8i with VIEWPLUS – the new 0.75x magnification – offers 30% more field of view.


Z8i 0.75-6×20

Keep your eye firmly on the target with the new D-I reticle, which has been reduced to a single point of focus. The tangible click of the CLICKONE function tells you when it has reached 1x magnification.


Z8i 0.75-6×20

Customize your Z8i 0.75-6×20 with selected accessories, such as the throw lever for lightning-fast reactions.

Z8i 0.75-6x20


VIEWPLUS is the groundbreaking 0.75x magnification that gives you 30% more field of view. This grants you a better and faster overview at very close range.

Z8i 0.75-6x20


The CLICKONE function is entirely intuitive to use, with a tangible click that lets you know when you have reached 1x magnification.

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