Bennert Parsons is feeling ecstatic after winning the Natshoot and Rhino Bullets Buffalo Hunt Raffle. He shared his excitement about the upcoming adventure and his passion for breeding buffalo.

“Breeding buffalo for clients is an absolute passion of mine,” Bennert exclaimed. “We currently have the privilege to be breeding with one of the biggest breeding bulls.’’

How awesome that he now has the opportunity to take on one of Africa’s big 5 himself! His deep connection with wildlife and the outdoors is evident, and we are thrilled to have him win the raffle.

Accompanied by his family, Bennert will soon embark on the ultimate adventure. The prize package includes a Buffalo Hunt where he can really test his marksmanship skills. They will stay in the heart of the bushveld, enjoying accommodation that promises an immersive experience in nature. A family game drive adds to the excitement, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

In the photo, Bennert is seen with his Eland bull from a recent trip to the Eastern Freestate.

The raffle, exclusively for Natshoot members, saw enthusiastic participation, making the adventure possible. We would like express our gratitude to all who participated and made it a success. Although the competition is closed now, more exciting opportunities will sure follow for you wildlife enthusiasts.

The support of sponsors and Natshoot supporters was crucial in making this raffle a reality. Thank you again to all involved, and for your contribution to the promotion of responsible hunting and shooting practices.

As Bennert and his family gear up for their buffalo hunt, they eagerly anticipate the thrill of the chase, the beauty of the bushveld, and the memories they’ll create together in the heart of our African wilderness.

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