What is the Swarovski Gong Shoot.

The first shoot was hosted by KZN Hunters back in 2012, as a fund raiser for the Association.

Whylo Distributors were approached for sponsorship and that was the Birth of the exclusively sponsored Swarovski Gong Challenge.

The Gong Challenge become a firm favourite amongst shooters in South Africa, originally for the local KZN shooters, and steadily grew to attract shooters from all over the country.

As a fundraiser fun shoot for KZN HUNTERS, all proceeds were pushed back into conservation and projects for the Association.

With the departure of Ralph Dedekind and Reggie Gerber as the organisers in 2021, it was decided to retain the Swarovski Gong Shoot with the organisation being handled by Whylo Distributors, at its Historical location Platrand Lodge.

It was also decided that all proceeds from the Event, would be donated back into the Shooting and Hunting sports.

As such, proceeds from last year’s shoot, was donated to KZN Bisley Schools Association for their participation in the SANSSU Nationals that took place towards the end of last year.

Whylo Distributors through the generosity of Andrew Whysall, took this one step further and doubled the amount donated to KZNBSA.

This is the 2nd year in the new format and aims to be the premier shooting event of the year.

The stunning Platrand Lodge again plays host to this event, so you will get to spend the day surrounded by natural beauty.

Get behind the glass, and experience Swarovski Optik products and spend the day with us!

Entries open Monday 2024/01/29

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