Top 10 politics free reasons to own a legally licenced firearm in South Africa in 2024

“Given South Africa’s current climate of rampant violent crime, it is no longer a luxury to own a legally licenced firearm. It is a matter of life and death for you and your family. In South Africa, you cannot rely on the police to protect you from criminals. Even the best first response teams from private security firms will take several minutes to arrive. If you live on a farm, you will likely be on your own for at least thirty minutes in the event of an attack.

When someone is threatening to rape your wife or shoot your child, seconds feel like hours and as a man, your instinct will be to give your life for your family. The reality is, that if you are not armed, chances are that you are right. It will probably cost you your life. But what then? Your family will be more vulnerable than ever. It is time to arm your wife. Train with her. Make sure that she can be a tactical advantage in a crisis situation. 

It is time to normalise owning a firearm. Legally armed men and women are the first line of defence against criminals who will not hesitate to kill. 

A lot can happen in the five minutes until help arrives. Make every second count.

The importance of self-defence becomes even more important when you take into consideration how ineffective our police force has become. The farming community is particularly vulnerable and a favourite target of violent criminals,” said crime activist and founder of, Ian Cameron. 

Personal Protection: A firearm can be used as a tool to defend oneself and family members against potential threats to personal safety, including home invasions or assaults.

Deterrence: The presence of a firearm in the home will act as a deterrent to potential criminals. Make it clear to criminals that you and your family are armed and are not afraid to use your rights to defend yourself. However be careful not to flaunt your weapons too much as this can incentivise and invite theft of those weapons. 

First responder: The unfortunate reality of living in South Africa is that you can no longer rely on the police to keep you and your family safe. You are your first responder and it is up to you to keep your family safe in times of an emergency. 

Rapid Response: In situations where law enforcement may not be immediately available, a firearm can provide a means for individuals to respond rapidly to threats and potentially prevent harm. It is also essential to ensure you are properly trained to use your firearm in an effective and safe manner.  However, ensure to abide by the rules of the Firearms Control Act.

Equaliser: Criminals are cowards and often target weaker targets. A firearm can serve as an equaliser, allowing individuals who are physically weaker or outnumbered to defend themselves effectively against stronger or multiple attackers.

A must for the farming community: It is a well established fact that farmers are targeted by violent criminals. It is therefore self-evident that they in particular need to arm themselves more than people who live in the suburbs or cities. Not only are they easy targets, but they are also isolated, far from police stations or hospitals to render them aid in a time of emergency. 

Wildlife Defence: Firearms Guardian is well aware of the dangers that stray animals pose to farmers and their livestock. We have previously detailed how to legally go about dealing with stray animals invading your land. Poachers pose an even bigger threat and are almost always heavily armed. Wildlife farmers and their employees have to be trained and sufficiently armed to effectively defend their lives and livelihoods.

Crisis Situations: During natural disasters or other crisis situations where law enforcement resources may be stretched thin, owning a firearm can help individuals protect themselves and their property. Communities with armed individuals are better equipped to keep their area safe.

Personal Liberty: In a country where the state is failing to protect it’s citizen’s right to safety, it is of utmost importance to normalise and promote the logical idea that individuals have the right to defend themselves. Many individuals view firearm ownership as a fundamental aspect of personal liberty. Being legally armed affords you a sense of freedom knowing that your safety is now in your own hands and no longer the responsibility of an incompetent police force. 

Family Protection: For parents or heads of households, owning a firearm can be a means of fulfilling the responsibility to protect and provide for one’s family in the face of potential threats.

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