The new Leica Ballistics App 2.0 for Leica Geovid

Pro and all Leica .COM laser rangefinders

All Leica laser rangefinders with Bluetooth® connectivity benefit from the new Leica Ballistics App 2.0. The previous version specifically for Leica Geovid Pro models has been developed further. As a result, many functions are now also available for the Leica .COM laser rangefinders. Above all, the leading ballistics calculator from Applied Ballistics®. This can now be used in the Ultralight version to create ballistics profiles on all Leica .COM models. An upgrade to Applied Ballistics Elite® is reserved for Leica Geovid Pro models. For Geovid Pro models, the Leica Ballistics App 2.0 also offers, as before, both a head-up display (HUD) and straightforward navigation to previously-measured terrain points using Leica ProTrack (LPT™). The new Leica Ballistics App 2.0 can be downloaded free of charge, via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The Leica Ballistics App 2.0 is a further development of version 1.0 and offers convenient calculation and display of the bullet’s point of impact. Whether in the mountains or in wide open fields, the Leica Ballistics App 2.0 is the practical solution that combines the best of optoelectronics and software. Leica, the pioneer of laser rangefinding with 30 years’ experience, and Applied Ballistics®, the world leader in ballistics applications, have developed the perfect tool for hunters. All Leica Geovid Pro models include the basic version Applied Ballistics Ultralight®, which provides precise point-of-impact locations based on measured distance, equivalent horizontal distance, atmospheric data, and other ambient parameters for distances up to 800 m (875 yds). Applied Ballistics® draws on G1/G7 coefficients and a database of up to 740 preset ammunition profiles. An optional upgrade to Applied Ballistics Elite® can be easily purchased from the Applied Ballistics® web shop. Via Bluetooth®, the hunter can transfer the ballistics profile, previously set in the app, to a Leica Geovid Pro glass. The Applied Ballistics® calculator integrated in the binoculars (also functional offline) and the extensive Applied Ballistics® database (accessed via the app) provide the most accurate data for a precise shot – from close range (bow hunters) to long range.

As with the Leica Ballistics App 1.0, the 2.0 version, together with a Leica Geovid Pro laser rangefinder, makes it quick and easy to measure and locate terrain points. This is crucial for finding shot game, for example. Thanks to the revolutionary Leica ProTrack (LPT™) function, the user receives the exact GPS coordinates based on the measured distance, and is guided safely to the target. For this purpose, the last five distance measurements are stored. A compass needle and background maps from Google Maps® or BaseMap® are used for guidance.

Owners of the proven Geovid.COM or Rangemaster CRF.COM models can continue to use their devices. The Leica Ballistics App 2.0 is compatible with all .COM models. In this case, simply select “.COM” instead of “Pro” in the Leica Ballistics App menu. During 2023, the Leica Hunting App for the .COM models will be completely replaced by the Leica Ballistics App.

Easy and quick: set, transfer, measure, navigate

  1. Individual settings – Programming the Leica Geovid Pro or .COM models begins with creating, managing, and storing specific ballistics profiles via Leica Ballistics App 2.0, which is based on the precise solution from Applied Ballistics®.
  2. Connecting smartphone and rangefinder – To connect a Leica Geovid Pro or .COM model to the Leica Ballistics App, simply activate the Bluetooth® function (BT) in the menu.
  3. Data transfer – After starting the transfer, the settings and personal ballistics profiles are wirelessly transferred to the Leica Geovid Pro or .COM model.
  4. Measuring and calculating point of impact – First, the distance to the target is measured. On Leica Geovid Pro models, the integrated Applied Ballistics® software generates highly accurate results based on range, equivalent horizontal distance, and ambient data such as temperature, barometric pressure, and angle. For the .COM models, the point of impact is calculated using the Leica ABC® calculator.
  5. Navigation to terrain points – For users of Leica Geovid Pro models, the Leica ProTrack (LPT™) function shows the exact GPS coordinates based on the measured distance. A compass needle and background maps from Google Maps® or BaseMap® are used for target guidance.

Leica Ballistics App 2.0 and Leica Geovid Pro models
All Leica Geovid Pro models can use all functions of the Leica Ballistics App 2.0. This includes creating ballistics profiles based on the respective Applied Ballistics® software. The Leica Geovid Pro models are the first in the world to have integrated Applied Ballistics Ultralight® or Elite® (upgrade) for offline real-time calculation. The head-up display (HUD) can be overlaid on the smartphone screen and provides real-time information about the active profile. This makes it possible to remotely control the rangefinder and make changes. Real-time synchronization is also possible. The new Leica ProTrack (LPT™) function is fully available on all Geovid Pro models. This allows previously-measured terrain points to be reached quickly and easily.

Leica Ballistics App 2.0 and Leica Geovid/Rangemaster CRF.COM models
Leica .COM models with Bluetooth® connectivity also benefit from the new Leica Ballistics App 2.0. These models continue to use the Leica ABC® (on board) for offline real-time calculation. Ballistics profiles are created in the new app, based on the Applied Ballistics Ultralight® software. Menu items and settings (USEU, BALL, SID, ABC®, brightness) can be changed and transferred via app. The Leica .COM models must do without real-time synchronization, HUD, the Elite® upgrade, and LPT.

The Leica Ballistics App 2.0 is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Benefits of the Leica Ballistics App 2.0

+ compatible with all Leica rangefinders equipped with Bluetooth®

+ Applied Ballistics® calculator offers maximum accuracy

+ intuitive adjustment of rangefinder settings via the app

+ locate previously-measured points in the terrain, via Leica ProTrack (LPT™) (Geovid Pro)

+ navigate to a previously-measured point, using Google Maps® or BaseMap® (Geovid Pro)

+ an update to the higher version Applied Ballistics Elite® is possible (Geovid Pro)

+ HUD (head-up display) overlay for real-time remote control of Leica Pro models (Geovid Pro)
+ available in the languages EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, FI, DK, NO, HU, SE

+ designed for use with Geovid Pro and .COM laser rangefinders

+ replaces the Leica Hunting App for Leica .COM laser rangefinders

Technical data

Software for smartphones

Leica Ballistics App 2.0

Compatible “Pro” models

all Geovid Pro models

Compatible “.COM” models

Geovid 3200.COM, CRF 2800.COM, CRF 3500.COM

Compatible Apple mobile devices

iPad OS/iOS 13.0 or higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Compatible Apple Mac

MacOS 11 or higher + Mac with M1 chip or higher

Compatible Android devices

Android 9 or higher


Apple App Store, Google Play Store


free of charge

Ballistics programs

Applied Ballistics Ultralight®, upgrade to Elite® (Geovid Pro)

Tracking program

Leica ProTrack (LPT) (Geovid Pro)

Navigation programs used

Google Maps®, BaseMap® (Geovid Pro)

Additional functions

Head-up display (HUD) / real-time remote control (Geovid Pro)

Languages available



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