London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. proudly introduces two new knives to the Rigby Shikar Store – the Rigby ‘Bwabwata’ Knife and the Rigby Damascus ‘Luangwa’ Knife. Crafted in the UK by renowned custom knifemakers, Emberleaf, these knives offer the perfect blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and functionality.

Rigby ‘Bwabwata’ Knife

The Rigby ‘Bwabwata’ slip-joint knife features a three-inch blade forged from AEB-L grade steel with a fully hardened mechanism. The handle is crafted from exhibition-grade desert ironwood, delivering both strength and striking aesthetics and comes housed in a leather sheath. The Rigby ‘double R’ logo adorns both the blade and sheath, creating an unmistakable symbol of quality and heritage.
Retail: £699
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Rigby Damascus ‘Luangwa’ Knife

The Rigby Damascus ‘Luangwa’ Knife features a secure lock-back folding mechanism with a three-inch Damascus steel blade, proudly carrying the iconic Rigby ‘double R’ logo. The fully hardened AEB-L mechanism ensures optimal performance. The handle is crafted from a fine blue maple and it all comes secure in a durable leather sheath, stamped with the Rigby logo.
Retail: £810
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Investing in the Rigby ‘Bwabwata’ and ‘Luangwa’ knives is not just about acquiring exquisite blades, but securing trusty companions for a lifetime of hunting adventures navigating the wild.

Please note that to maintain legal and safety standards, proof of age (18-years-old and over) will be required before shipping these items. The Rigby knives will be delivered via a specialised courier, ensuring secure and timely delivery.

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Editor’s notes:

  • Founded in Dublin in 1775, the company has more than 240 years of gunmaking experience.
  • Rigby opened its first London shop in 1865 and continued operating out of both offices until they closed their Dublin shop in 1897.
  • The company moved to the USA in 1997, but returned to London in 2013 when it was bought by L&O Group, Germany.
  • Rigby now operates out of a purpose-built premise in Pensbury Place, London.
  • In 2013, Rigby recommenced their historic partnership with Mauser, which dates back to the late 19th
  • The firm manufactures bolt-action, double rifles and shotguns. Products of particular note include the iconic Rising Bite double rifles and shotguns, fully bespoke London Bests, the award-winning range of Big Game bolt-action rifles and the Highland Stalker.
  • For media enquiries, email

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