Meet Jock & Brandberg

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Meet Jock – Son of Matetsi

52 7/8″ Jock, the epitome of perfection sired by the legendary 49″ Matetsi with 39″+ Kenya as dam. Combining the renowned Matetsi (TT) and Shambala line, Jock is the ultimate young buffalo breeding bull out of a proven sire. A masculine, broad chested, strong muzzled bull with an exceptionally deep body. Unmatched volume with 19″ bosses and 92 7/8″ T-T. The very definition of a balanced bull in phenotype, genetics, shape and pure vitality. “The very best Matetsi successor that I have bred and had the confidence to breed within my own super herd” – PDT. This bull promises to be an out-perfomance breeder. Years of selection on combinations, phenotype and genotype, combined with passion and determination offered in a single animal, for any serious buffalo breeder to optimize their herd.

The Matetsi Legacy

Meet Brandberg – Sired by Meletse

52 7/8″ Brandberg is an exceptional young buffalo bull, with outstanding volume and the sought-after classic buffalo shape. 52 7/8″ RW combined with a 137″ SCI and his phenotypic characteristics makes him a stunning representative of the species. Bred out of Meletse, a Sire line that has proven his pre-potency by breeding multiple 50″+ bulls and 34″+ females. A bull for any serious buffalo breeder.

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