Phasa National Shooting Day


As part of our fundraising efforts for 2023, PHASA will host their National Shooting day on 21 October 2023 at the Magnum United Shooting Range, R104 Bronkhorstspruit, Pretoria. This shoot will be in collaboration with affiliates of PHASA.

Each team will consist of 4 shootists. Team members must bring their own firearms and ammo but they may share their firearms with their team during the competition. Each team to bring their own chairs, gazebos and umbrellas. No sighting of firearms will be permitted on the day. 

Slingshot with 5 glass marbles.
10m Target Each team to supply own handmade slingshot and glass marbles although some will be available on the day as well. 

.22 Rim-fire std (no Magnums) 6 shots each
2 x 25m standing, 2 x 50m sitting.

.270 Cal or bigger, 5 shots each

You need to hit a 100mm gong at 100m from shooting sticks (which will be provided) before you can advance to a warthog target at 100m free hand with no other support. Score on vitals only.

.375 Cal and bigger. 6 shots each. (New PHASA animal targets)
Shooter stationary and shoots 2 shots at 25m, 15m and 10m. Scored calculated by time formula and shot placement. A maximum magnification of 1.5x allowed on scopes. Red dots allowed.

Standard side arm for every day carry Pistol/Revolver. 5 shots.
Gongs from 10m to 30m against time.

Individual Fun Shoot

.22 Rim-fire Standard. No semi-autos. 5 Shots at metal targets. Standing position with no rests or slings allowed. Use own rifle or rifles provided. All sights allowed. Public participation welcome. Entry R50 per 5 shots. You can enter as many times as you like.


PHASA floating trophies for the best mens’ team, best women’s team, best shot on the day as well as many other prizes to be won

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