PART 8: THINK BIG! Discover Dry Ager Walk-In Chambers With Chris Fourie

Close your eyes and imagine… a walk-in chamber in the game lodge dining room with venison hanging on display… or the local butcher shop displaying the venison blocks hanging for everyone to see… it’s simply marvellous.

The Dry Aging Walk-in Chambers turn your area into a Dry Aging experience room – Exactly as big as you need!

The Dry Aging chamber is planned step by step together with an expert from DRY AGER® and adapted to meet your needs.

Each Dry Aging Walk-in Chamber has a unique design to meet your expectations while equipped with the proprietary Dry Aging technologies, such as HumiControl®, DX AirReg®, and the UVC sterilization unit comes standard.

The size, shape, material build, colour, interior design, distribution cooling system, lighting, and much more are customised for you and adapt flexibly to your on-site conditions.

“We are extremely happy with our walk-in chamber.”

– Evert, Manager Bergendal Slaghuis

Then for finishing touches, the flexible design of the surfaces also ensures that the chamber fits into your colour concept, glass windows can be freely placed and individual floor coverings can be used. Three different storage systems guarantee air flow and ensure optimal dry aging results.

And let’s not forget, you can adjust lighting in your aging room to display your products and create the mood you desire. Ensuring the ultimate experience for your customers.

“The Dry Ager has brought new customers into our business.”

– Waltkon, Naboomspruit

For game lodges and butcheries, the Dry Ager Walk-in Chamber allows you to expand your product portfolio with foods aged in-house. It doesn’t matter whether you want to offer discerning customers dry aged venison or beef or home-made salami and ham specialties. Or maybe you’d like to add a new touch to your cheese assortment – with the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Unit, you have the right tool for it.

You save time and nerves because the expensive goods are worth it. This is because you will always get the best possible results with consistently high quality and can also present the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Walk-in Chamber in a uniquely appealing way. With the refined products, you offer your customers an attractive addition to your product range, which opens new sales potential for you.

“Taking game to a level where everybody can enjoy venison.”

– Warne Rippon, Buffalo Kloof

The DRY AGER® Walk-in Chambers are all fitted with the Dry Ager Technology which makes them the perfect solution for aging whole venison carcasses and as it can accommodate so much more… you won’t be disappointed.

For more information contact Chris Fourie on +27 64 684 9666 or email

Keep a look out for Part 9 on 27 September 2023 and learn all about the Dry Ager benefits!

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