PART 6: Let’s Discuss Dry Ager SmartAging® Technology With Chris Fourie


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Let’s look at some of the amazing unique features of our Dry Ager cabinets and you will see how you can get the very best result for aging your venison with Dry Ager and the unique SmartAging® technology.

We now have more than just beef on the menu: SmartAging® can be used to dry age a wide variety of foods. And because you certainly don’t want to make any mistakes, now your worries are over.

With the unique SmartAging® Technology, Dry Aging has never been easier! Because now you can be sure that you have the right parameters at hand for the aging process of any food: at the push of a button.

Dry Aging can be that simple. With SmartAging®

Because you don’t want the meat to shrink, but instead to age, and the new generation of DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridges, promises success – plain and simple.

As leaders in their field, the Landig family in Germany were determined to redefine the dry aging system and after rigorous research, extensive scientific testing and trial and error, they were able to present the world with their unique concept in the form of a DRY AGER® meat maturation cabinet and a method of maturing it that was undeniably delicious.

Easy to use for beginners and experts alike, this award-winning device offers the perfect balance of steady humidity, optimal air quality and absolute hygiene control. This beautifully crafted unit boasts attractive, high quality finishes and a choice of size that will easily fit into any meat enthusiast’s home, butchery or restaurant. The cabinet is powered by 230 volts – simply plug it in, no water supply needed, and you’ll be well on your way to some mouth-watering meals!

Due to the accuracy, efficiency and ingenuity expended in the development of this cabinet, it has been noted that far less shrinkage and reduced surface blackening occurs during the dry ageing process, thus minimalizing wastage and making this unit a truly worthwhile investment. In fact, if you take into account the percentage of meat saved, it has been calculated that the cabinet will pay for itself within the first three months of optimal use.

DRY AGER® brings you the ultimate in bulk meat maturation solutions – with absolutely no water connection necessary! Whether you’re looking to produce prime aged cuts of beef, pork, ham or charcuterie, our walk-in Dry-Ageing Cold Rooms give you all the space you require. Choose from a range of colours and material finishes and we’ll custom make one to fit your exact needs. One Dry-Ageing walk in solution… countless possibilities!

Commercial and private customers receive a 3-year extended warranty from the date of purchase PLUS a maintenance kit which includes 3 spare UVC bulbs and Carbon filters. Not only are you ready to plug in and start your dry aging process, you also have peace of mind knowing the cabinets are superiors quality as they are made in Germany!

Let’s take a closer look at our two cabinets available in South Africa… namely the DX500 Premium S and the DX1000 Premium S cabinets.

Both the DX500 Premium S and DX1000 Premium S (220 – 240 V, 2 A) are suitable for use in both the commercial and private sectors. Thanks to innovative systems like SmartAging® technology, perfect aging results for a wide variety of foods can be achieved at the push of a button. The temperature can be electronically regulated in the range from 0 to +30 °C, as can the humidity, in the range from 40 to 90 %, thanks to the built-in standard HumiControl® system. The device does not need a water connection or a water tank, which are just two of the many unique selling points. The DX AirReg® system also ensures optimum airflow.

The built-in Activated Carbon Filter, the unique UVC sterilization box and antibacterial inner container mean that bacteria and germs have no chance. Professional Dry Aging at the highest level, even with large fluctuations in ambient temperatures. The outer housing is powder-coated in black and the door is made of rust-free stainless steel. The polished inner rear wall made of black coloured stainless steel also underlines the premium character of the device. Contemporary, modern design on the outside – high-precision, sophisticated technology on the inside. The DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet can be set up free-standing as a single device or double device (side by side) or integrated in a wall.

To summarise, our DX500 & DX1000 cabinets both have the following features:

Aging program

  • SmartAging® technology – smart program control enables Dry Aging with the help of product-specific aging programs.
  • Optimum parameter settings are carried out automatically by the SmartAging® processor and guarantee ideal results at the push of a button.

Temperature & humidity

  • HumiControl® – constant humidity, electronically adjustable from 40 to 90 % (no water connection or tank required).
  • Electronically controlled temperature from 0 to +30 °C.
  • Professional Dry Aging with minimum weight loss.
  • Automatic defrosting and automatic condensate evaporation.


  • UVC sterilization system, DX AirReg® system and activated carbon filter – optimum air flow and air quality without UV exposure of the products.
  • Antibacterial inner container – the shape of the side shelf supports and rounded corners make cleaning easier.


  • Built-in or free-standing – enables the integration of single or multiple units next to each other.
  • Door hinge possible on both sides.

You will however notice there is slight differences in visual appearance of the DX500 & DX1000 cabinets as noted below:

DX500 Premium S Cabinet – 20kg capacity

  • Powder-coated black housing & door frame made of stainless steel.
  • Black steel rear panel brushed black stainless steel.
  • DX-LED side lighting – optimum illumination of the presented products.
  • Attractive aesthetics with sales promotion potential.

DX1000 Premium S Cabinet – 100kg capacity

  • Housing & door frame made of stainless steel.
  • Black steel rear panel brushed black stainless steel.
  • Dimmable DX-LED side and ceiling lighting – optimum illumination of the presented products.
  • Attractive aesthetics with sales promotion potential.

Keep a look out for Part 7 on 30 August 2023 where we focus on the science behind ageing meat.

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