PART 4: DX1000 Premium S: Discover Dry Ager Equipment with Chris Fourie

Celebrate with Dry Ager South Africa and get 5% off your cabinet purchase during our 5 year birthday month. Offer valid 24 July to 24 August 2023.

DRY AGER® SmartAging® Technology: The DRY AGER® DX1000 Premium S cabinet is the perfect solution for aging large dressed sides of bone-in venison as it can accommodate up to 100kg capacity and therefore has a larger hanging space.

Take full advantage of the beautiful weather, sitting together with friends and family, toasting with cool drinks while enjoying a perfectly grilled steak from the grill – like a little piece of vacation at home in your own garden. It’s even more enjoyable when food preparation takes place in the fresh air in great weather. The DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. This way, the complete braai preparations can be moved outside. You offer your guests not only a visual highlight, but also the possibility to choose a piece of meat directly at the Dry Aging Cabinet.

The DRY AGER® DX 1000 Premium S cabinet with more room for good taste – it’s a real eye-catcher in your home or entertainment area. The attractive aesthetics and superior quality finishes include a stainless steel housing and door frame and dimmable DX-LED side and ceiling lights for optimum illumination of your meat hanging in your Dry Ager cabinet.

The DRY AGER® DX 1000 Premium S is the ultimate solution from Dry Ager, the world’s leading brand of aging fridges to age meat, for home and personal use. This masterpiece of technology is a plug and play unit that is ready for aging a full spectrum of food products allowing you to explore the art of aging.

“I can honestly say that making the purchase of our DX1000 was the best money ever spent, and I am not only the proud owner of my own aging cabinet but also the envy of my friends ”

For more information or to book a small-group seminar  contact Chris Fourie on +27 64 684 9666 or email

Keep a look out for Part 5 on 2 August 2023 where we focus on the difference between wet and dry aging

Now you can age venison like a pro – at the touch of a button – thanks to the trusted German technology including the SmartAging® technology, HumiControl®, UVC sterilization system, DX AirReg® system and activated carbon filter for optimum air flow and air quality without UV exposure of the products while minimising weight loss with smart aging control.

“Splendiferous… that’s the one word I would use to explain my delight with the Dry Ager cabinet that I recently purchased.  After hanging two half carcass of a warthog for 28 days, we put it on the spit for a birthday party and it was a real winner ”

With maximum flexibility, the DRY AGER® DX 1000 Premium S is a free standing cabinet that can also be integrated into a wall. The cabinet comes standard with 4 x Full Shelves, 1 x 1/2 Shelf, 2 x Hangers, Maintenance Kit with 3 x UVC bulbs and 3 x Carbon Filters as well as a 3 Year Extended Warranty.

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