PART 18 : The Countless Possibilities Of Dry Aging Brought To You By Chris Fourie

Dry Aging is the traditional way of aging meat to produce an extraordinary tender and intense flavour.

A technique - many decades old - through which meats reach the highest possible refinement stage.

The possibilities are almost endless with Dry Ager®.

Dry Ager® equipment, equipped with SmartAging® Technology, provides an ideal environment for the gradual dry aging of various foods.

From meat like venison, beef, pork, poultry, ham and sausage to other items like fish, cheese, wine, herbs and even pasta – offering versatility for refining a wide range of culinary delights.


Dry Ager® cabinets specialize in the refinement of meat, offering a simple and easy solution with our SmartAging® Technology.

With programmed options for various types of meat like venison, beef, pork and lamb, users can achieve the desired flavour intensity with ease.

Just select the aging program and then practice patience while the cabinet works its magic.


Dry Ager® Dry Aging cabinets provide a convenient solution for aging sausage, offering versatility for various types of sausage.

With the Meat Maturation Handbook and SmartAging® technology, the process is streamlined with clear instructions and recipes.

All that’s left is to let the cabinet do its job while you wait for delicious results.


Dry Ager® and the SmartAging® technology system simplifies the process of creating high-quality ham by controlling the necessary parameters automatically.

From Black Forest ham to lardons… offering a wide range of options to cater to different tastes.

Time, seasoning, and the right aging parameters turn a piece of meat into a sought-after ham specialty.


Dry aging poultry can indeed enhance its flavour and texture, but it requires special care due to the sensitivity of poultry meat.

With the Dry Aging Meat Maturation Handbook and SmartAging® you can achieve delicious and safely aged poultry that elevates your culinary experience.

Definitely the best way to help your poultry reach true heights in taste. The germ-sensitive meat is in good hands in the Dry Ager® Premium S.

Thanks to the multi-stage sterilization system, you can experience the transformation into an absolute delicacy with a clear conscience.


Dry aging fish is indeed a specialized technique that can yield unique and complex flavours.

By dry aging fish using the right techniques and technologies, you can experience unexpected flavours and textures that truly elevate the culinary experience.

Another plus is that the shelf life of a fresh whole fish is extended by a further 10 days.


Yes, dry aging cheese in a specialized fridge like the Dry Ager® Dry Aging Cabinets can lead to delicious and beautifully aged cheeses.

Dry aging cheese allows for the development of complex flavours, nutty nuances, and creamy textures that are highly sought after in aged cheeses. With the right equipment like the Dry Ager DX1000 Premium S and proper care, you can create your own artisanal aged cheeses at home.


When you are not aging meat, your Dry Aging cabinet is also wonderfully suitable as a wine cabinet and/or humidor..

Because wine loves constant temperatures and cigars need humid air – you can easily regulate both with the Dry Ager® Dry Aging cabinet at the touch of a button!


The controlled environment of the Dry Ager cabinet, with regulated temperature, humidity, and airflow, provides ideal conditions for the aging and curing process.

By utilizing a Dry Ager cabinet for aging charcuterie, you can enhance the flavours, textures, and complexities of your cured meats, resulting in delicious and authentic products. If you have any specific questions or need more information on this topic, feel free to ask.


Dry aging is a technique commonly used for meat, but it can also be applied to other foods like pasta and herbs for unique flavours and textures.

When dry aging pasta and herbs, they transform them into unique ingredients that can ele- vate your dishes with enhanced flavours and textures.

Thank you for travelling this dry aging journey with me over the past 18 articles. I hope that some light has been shed on the maturing game for you!

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