PART 17: The Perfect Love Affair In 6 Steps With Dry Ager® - Brought To You By Chris Fourie

Many people fall in love with dry aged meat due to its unique flavour profile and tender texture. The aging process allows the meat to develop deeper, richer flavors while also tenderizing it through natural enzymatic breakdown.

It's certainly a culinary experience that can captivate meat lovers.

Using a Dry Ager cabinet to dry-age your own meat is a fantastic way to control the process and enjoy the flavors and tenderness of dry aged meat at home or at your game lodge, butcher shop or if you own a restaurant.

These cabinets provide the ideal conditions of temperature, humidity, and air circulation needed for successful dry aging.

Plus, it allows you to experiment with different cuts and aging times to tailor the flavor to your preferences. It’s a rewarding endeavor for any meat enthusiast!

There are just 6 steps to the perfect love affair.

1.  What would you like to age?

Venison, beef, pork, poultry, ham, sausage, fish, cheese, wine, and even herbs and pasta. Thanks to SmartAging® Technology, a wide variety of foods can be produced or refined – making the possibilities are almost endless.

2.  Step by step to your delicacy

With SmartAging® Technology everything is pre-set for you and after loading your Dry Ager its so simple to start the aging maturation process at the touch of a button.

3.  How flavourful do you want your result to be?

It’s up to you! As the aging time, temperature, and humidity parameters, together with the the correct airflow determine the intensity of flavour of the aging result you can choose your result thanks to DXTasteReg® technology, choose between the three flavour categories of “basic,” “intense,” and “intense+” to perfectly match your desired result.

4.    Choose the aging program that works for you.

You choose the appropriate aging program on the DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet.

Even for special applications and complex aging processes. There is always a suitable program available for what you want to achieve with different varying aging phases and temperatures.

5.    All you have to do is wait.

With the help of SmartAging® Technology everything works on its own. Thanks to sophisticated programs developed by pros, you don’t have to constantly worry about the current aging level and its parameters. Dry Ager have taken the guess work out of the equation to keep it simple for you. Isn’t that smart!

6.  The perfect result guaranteed.

It has never been easier to age food. Just one push of a button is all it takes to get the best aging result. The outstanding results feature an intense aroma that cannot be imitated and a consistency that will surprise even the most sophisticated of palates.


Keep a look out for Part 18 on 28 February 2024 where discuss countless possibilities of aging in our final article.

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