PART 14: Why It’s Best To Use Dry Ager® Solutions For Your Maturation Process With Chris Fourie

Yes, it’s time to share with why DRY AGER is the right way to go!

The equipment you are going to use to age your favourite cut of meat is KEY, it may be the most important decision you make when going forward to that… meaty heaven of blissfulness… enjoying the best dry aged meat you deserve.

I am going to compare using the DRY-AGER® meat maturation cabinet versus a traditional walk in fridge (or any of the internet prophesised salt block or domestic fridge method), to a road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town… Let’s imagine me in a fancy air conditioned luxury V8 SUV and you in a family sedan with 1300cc engine and no air conditioning… We will both reach Cape Town, but my mood and appearance will be significantly different from yours.

The same is the case with ageing in a DRY-AGER® versus ageing in a refrigerator manufactured to only keep food cold.

The reason why you don’t want to make your own meat maturation unit like the internet “so wisely teaches us about” – you must have seen those websites that tell us we can retrofit de-humidifiers and use salt to remove moisture from the atmosphere in the space we are using. And they advise to even fit UV lights to “kill” bacteria – BUT what they don’t tell you is that all you will be doing is drying out the meat and removing the taste and moist texture which is so important for the assessment of quality. They also don’t mention that the hard skin formed by the oxidisation will be pronounced and this combined with excessive weight loss would see you lose up to 50% of your already expensive steak. Or that the chances of mould if you follow this route will become part of the flavour profile with Age your venison Age up to 100kg venison with the DX1000 Premium S some serious funky mature cheese smells, and this is certainly not a solution you want.

SO NO, this is not a real dry aging solution!

Time to address the “Himalayan Salt Elephant” in the room, or just the simple practise of using salt to age meat. The metabolic make-up of Sodium Chloride makes it rather aggressively hungry for moisture. Thus, if you are looking for the best possible partner to remove atmospheric humidity naturally, then use SALT!

DRY AGEING is NOT the practise of removing moisture from the meat or atmosphere, it should only be the opposite of WET AGEING.

If you are one of the unlucky meat eaters that either don’t have a DRY-AGER® maturation cabinet or do not have access to DRY-AGER® Matured Meat. I can guarantee your aged or matured meat will be of inferior taste and tenderness to that of meat matured in a DRY-AGER®.

I know that’s a rather bold and even arrogant statement!

But I also know that with DRY-AGER® cabinets you are guaranteed taste (without moulds and decomposed rotten flavours), tenderness (as we have allowed the breakdown of connective tissue) and moisture (as we limit the loss of humidity). And with its five patents, the DRY-AGER® is the world’s most unique maturation cabinet, unchallenged and unrivalled in its delivery of the best dry aged meat!

I, of course, want to market my German engineered DRY-AGER® meat maturation cabinets with this article, but at the same time would only be successful if we remove all the absolute nonsense so freely available on the internet and social media and give you the “facts” shared here today.

DRY-AGER® cabinets are in action all over the world and for over five years, I have supplied numerous cabinets in sub-saharan Africa that are being used successfully in private homes, restaurants, butchers and retailers alike allowing access to the best tasting meat available.

Contact me on 064 684 9666 and let’s have a chat about your dry aging solution or anything else you would like to know about aging your venison.

Chris Fourie – CEO Dry Ager South Africa

Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and a prosperous 2024…

We will be back with the next article in January so keep a look out for Part 15 on 17 January 2024 where we will expose debunking myths with Chris Fourie

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