PART 12: Introducing the Dry Ager Maturation Handbook With Chris Fourie

The Dry Ager meat maturation handbook is destined to turn the novice into a pro, and give the meat pros the cullinary edge.

With over 300 pages, you will learn everything about the refinement of meat, poultry, ham, sausage, cheese, and even fish… from food to supreme delicacy in the DRY AGER® Dry Aging cabinet.

The Dry Ager maturation handbook has 336 pages and is bound in a fine linen hard cover, there is no doubt that it will teach you everything you need to know about Dry Aging and refining your products. You will be able to read about the history and present-day practice of Dry Aging.

With stunning full colour photographs, you can see hundreds of examples of a variety of different meats and their refining processes, the production of world-famous hams and salamis, the aging process of cheeses, and let’s not forget about the refinement of fish – all this is now available at your fingertips with detailed information and concrete recommendations so you can turn your Dry Aging successes into culinary highlights with numerous recipes from famous chefs.

This book has everything you need to know right down to the last detail, and even includes some scientific facts.

For the first time worldwide, Dry Ager has produced a handbook that covers all the important aspects of this topic of dry aging and with so many pages of incredible detail, making it very easy for you to learn all you need to know.

The Dry Aging Bible is filled with comprehensive information, concentrated refinement expertise, instructions, and a whole lot of surprising inspirational facts and recipes. You will be guided step-by-step through the entire dry aging process in theory and in practice. From choosing the right meat or other food to the perfect preparation of the raw product, the use of the appropriate tools and the selection of the right Dry Aging program to the preparation of the refined product with delicious cooking recipes.

All this now in one handbook available from Dry Ager South Africa.

In the chapters of The Dry Aging maturation handbook, you will learn how to perfectly simulate any form of natural aging with the DRY AGER® Dry Aging cabinet.

Good to know…Learn about the basic processes of dry aging

Whether you are a hunter, butcher, restaurateur, or enthusiastic hobbyist, the process of Dry Aging is finally simpler, thanks to the DRY AGER® maturation handbook.

You will find all the answers to some important questions you should be asking:
What exactly happens in the depths of the meat fibers during Dry Aging?
Why do steaks, etc. become so much better in every respect during Dry Aging?
What do I need to consider to get the best meat in the world?

Expert purchasing…Now is the time to broaden your product knowledge

As we all know, Dry Aging makes good meat even better and transforms very good meat into a supreme delicacy. The quality of the raw material depends on breed, sex, husbandry, feed, and slaughter age and conditions.

The meat buying guide helps direct you to the best raw meat for your DRY AGER® cabinet:
Where can you get the ideal meat?
Which cuts are best to use when aging?
What questions should your butcher be able to answer?

Expert dry aging…DRY AGER® Practice

This handbook answers all your Dry Aging questions. Together with the DRY AGER cabinet, superb food products can finally be dry aged anywhere: Privately in your home or right before your customers’ eyes at the butcher’s shop or restaurant.

This book shows how simple refinement can be in everyday life: With step-by-step directions for refining venison, beef, lamb, and pork, whole fish, charcuterie and cheese.


With SmartAging® and DXTasteReg® technology, Dry Aging is a breeze. Program-controlled aging of meat, production of ham, sausage and charcuterie, refining fish and cheese, drying pasta, herbs, and fruit, and even meat that has already been pre-aged in a vacuum bag can be given a real Dry Aging flavour with a special program.

Dry Aging recipes for meat

In this chapter we focus on the cuts of beef, pork, game, poultry and lamb. With suggested program settings, suggested dry aging times for basic, intense and intense+ taste, as well as some valuable insider tips.

From venison to delicacy…Dry Aging recipes for ham, sausage, fish and cheese

The DRY AGER® Dry Aging cabinet not only dry ages venison and other meats to perfection, it also enables every lover of high-quality charcuterie, hams, sausages, fish and cheese specialties and delicacies to achieve premium products.

Chefs’ recipes…from Dry Ager to plate

Famous chefs from around the world share their favourite recipes with us in this section, a must try – when you want to serve something extra special!

Learn about the science…A degree in Dry Aging

This chapter gives us a better understanding of the science behind the process of aging meat. Explaining the muscle composition and how the meat develops while dry aging to result in ultimate flavour and tenderness.

The Dry Ager maturation handbook... A must-have for every Dry Aging friend: The entire world of delicacies, made@home.

Keep a look out for Part 13 on 22 November 2023 where we will outline all Dry Ager units available in South Africa: Discover Dry Ager Equipment with Chris Fourie

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