PART 1 : Introduction to Dry Aging venison with Chris Fourie

Good things come to those who wait, especially when it comes to food that is Dry Aged. At Dry Ager, we use the traditional aging processes combined with modern technology to improve the tenderness and flavour of venison with Dry Ager SmartAging® Technology.

Dry Aging is one of the oldest known preparation techniques. Requiring time, patience, and attention to detail – It is a process that must not be rushed. During the Dry Aging process moisture evaporates from the muscle creating a matured flavour. The meat’s natural enzymes break down the fibrous, connective tissue in the muscle thereby tenderizing it.

Food lovers around the world would agree that there’s something truly mouth-watering about a beautiful piece of matured meat. Not only is it incredibly tender, but it also has an intensive depth of flavour that cannot be found in ordinary butchery cuts. So, if you’re one of those people who believes in the best, this Dry Ager maturation cabinet is exactly what you’re looking for!

Over the last few decades, advancements have been made in refrigeration technology to help make the rigorous aging process safe and stable enough to create adequate maturing climates. Temperature, humidity, and airflow all need to be monitored and controlled at specific temperatures in order for the maturing process to be successful. With the unique Dry Ager SmartAging® Technology this has all been pre-programmed for you to achieve optimal results at the touch of a button, because now you can be assured that you have the right parameters at hand for the aging process of any food.

You can select the appropriate Dry Aging program via the new control system directly on the DRY AGER Dry Aging Fridge, because you don’t want the meat to shrink, but instead to age, the new generation of DRY AGER® Dry Aging Fridges, promises success – plain and simple.

In the weeks to follow, watch this space as we unfold more insight with Chris Fourie from Dry Ager South Africa on the  art of Dry Aging.

Our articles will include: The range of Dry Ager cabinets,  walk-in and production units now available in South Africa, basics of maturation, debunking myths, wet aging vs dry aging, the science behind dry aging, how long to age for, the dry aging handbook and so much more.

For more information or to book a small-group seminar contact Chris Fourie on +27 64 684 9666 or email

Keep a look out for Part 2 on 21 June 2023 where we focus on the Dry Ager Cabinets available now in South Africa

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