SA Wingshooters Association is truly the one association for all shooting disciplines. With us you can do it all. We offer shooting events and venues in all divisions, including shotgun, rifle, handgun, semi-auto rifle, long range target shooting and multi-gun sport shooting…

The SA Wingshooters Association has been accredited by the CFR as a Dedicated Hunting Association, since 2004. In fact, we are the second oldest accredited association in South Africa.

We have current members, many of whom regularly participate in the various sport shooting disciplines available and thus have a definite need to be able to grant such members the Dedicated Sport Shooting status, in order to enable them to fully participate in their chosen sport.

So, we are both an accredited sport shooting and hunting association, as we have members who want dedicated status, but who do not hunt.

We currently offer the following sport shooting disciplines to our members, either at our own facilities/ranges, or at any range country-wide and internationally:

PSP (Postal Shooting Programme) target shooting for handguns, manual rifles and self-loading rifles. Various target shooting tables/disciplines are offered, which can be practiced at any range worldwide. All our targets are available on our website.

Clay Target Shooting – all members have access to Clay Target Shooting using shotguns at any accredited clay target range or club (CTSASA, COMPAK, etc.) countrywide.

Long Range Rifle Shooting – we have our own dedicated long range rifle shooting range in Gauteng, where members compete over shooting distances ranging from 100m to 1500m. This range also affords us the opportunity to offer a 3-gun

sport shooting discipline (handgun and rifle combination shooting with movement and transitions), starting at 10m for handguns, to 100m and then up to 600m for self-loading rifles, with official division categories for calibers and types of rifles.

Handgun Shooting – we offer handgun shooting, again at our LRSC range, or any other range world-wide via the PSP, on our 17-target steel pistol range with targets from 10m to 100m, and includes a 6-plate dueling tree.

Multi-gun (3-gun & 2-gun) sport shooting – we offer multi gun events, where self-loading rifles, handguns and bolt action rifles are used, at our LRSC range and elsewhere Membership of the LRSC gives you additional membership of the following sub-clubs:

  • The LRSC (Long range shooting club for rifles in both Bolt Action and Self-loading rifle, which are to distinct separate divisions).
  • The .22PSBC (Precision Small-Bore Club)
  • The TPS (Tactical Precision Shooting) multi-gun club for 3-gun and 2-gun shooting and competition
  • The LR Open Sight club (Open Sight rifle division)
  • The LR Handgun and Revolver sub-club – for handgun shooting in various divisions.

The Long-Range Shooting Club (LRSC) and the PSP (Postal Shooting Programme) are part of SA Wingshooters and are subject to its constitution, disciplinary codes and rules of ethical conduct.

Lastly, as you know, the SA Wingshooters Association has R20-million liability insurance to cover the Association, with each individual member also having R20-million liability insurance as individual cover, for all shooting-related activities.

We are proud to be an association that offers all forms of shooting and hunting to our members. Come with us!

What does SA Wingshooters do for ME? What do I get for MY MONEY?

This is what we do for you:

  • The SA Wingshooters Association is accredited by the Commissioner of Police in terms of the Firearms Act.
  • We advise you on licencing procedures for ALL your firearms – shotguns, rifles and handguns!
  • We manage a National Gamebird Database, which keeps a national index of properties and venues that have gamebird populations suitable for you to go hunting
  • We negotiate exclusive shooting rights for our members
  • We organise special wingshoots for members
  • We support gamebird research, conservation and utilisation
  • We liaise with Government to streamline conservation and shooting legislation in Southern Africa and to set the annual shooting seasons
  • We issue hunting licences for many provinces
  • We organise special shooting days, informational seminars, etc.
  • We have links with leading overseas wingshooting and hunting associations.

This is what you get:

  • Free complete firearms help-line & application help
  • Dedicated Hunter/Sport Shooter Accreditation
  • Firearm Endorsements free of charge, 99% same day!
  • More than 1500 great shoots for Members Only every year
  • Shooting venues, some officially inspected and approved by us
  • Access to the National Gamebird Database of wingshooting venues and shoot organisers
  • Annual hunting licences for many provinces
  • First in South Africa wingshooting, hunting and sport shooting liabilty insurance to the amount of R20 million
  • Your own copies of Wingshooter full colour digital magazine
  • Quality, imported woven cloth badge
  • Free pocketbook on The Wingshooters’ Codes of Conduct
  • Personal Membership Card & Certificate
  • Saving of 25% on WINGSHOOTING handbook
  • Participation in special raffles and membership benefit programmes
  • Latest news on shooting regulations and seasons
  • Optional Postal Shooting Programme for handguns and rifles, and much MORE!
  • Access to Legal help and advice relating to firearms & hunting
  • PERSONALISED SERVICE and free coffee or tea!

Southern Africa’s most efficient accredited association!

We offer all types of shooting and hunting… as well as coaching!

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