The new Leica special eyecups for the Leica Calonox View and Sight thermal cameras provide an even better viewing experience and optimum ergonomics in the field.

 Leica Sport Optics has expanded its range of accessories for Leica thermal cameras with 3 special eyecups. The Leica Calonox series features a camera system with powerful thermal imaging technology, effective in many areas. These new eyecups further increase efficiency for demanding observation tasks. The advantages in detail:

  1. Shading of incident side light

The eyecups reliably shade incident light from the side, and thus allow full utilization of the high-performance display in the Leica Calonox. Fine details in image color and contrast enable the observer to make an exact assessment of the viewed object. Whether it’s hunters needing the correct age and sex of game, or wildlife and bird watchers seeking reliable scientific identification – the new eyecups help users achieve their respective goals.

  1. Improved ergonomics for longer use and a calmer image

In addition to shading incident side light, the eyecups provide support in the eye area, thanks to their special design. When holding the Calonox for observation with one or two hands, this creates up to three support points – for a very smooth image without wobbling. In addition, the user can master longer observation intervals without fatigue.

  1. Flexible functionality

If necessary, the eyecup can be rotated 360 degrees. This allows the eyecup to be used for the left or right eye equally well.

New special eyecups – the benefits at a glance

+ shading of incident side light
+ support for a calmer image and longer observation intervals
+ special rubber eyecup for use with eyeglasses (Calonox View)
+ can be rotated 360 degrees for use left or right
+ easy mounting within seconds

For the Leica Calonox View, the scope of delivery includes both a regular eyecup and an additional eyecup for use with eyeglasses. Due to its flexible use on a riflescope or as an observation glass, the Leica Calonox Sight can be equipped with a universal eyecup. This eyecup can be used with or without eyeglasses.

Proven in hunting and nature observation, Leica Calonox thermal viewers have also become indispensable for rescue services, public safety authorities, and in the construction industry. Searches for missing persons, observations, and structural assessments can be carried out safely – thanks to the precise, reliable technology of Leica Calonox instruments.

Technical data

Leica Calonox accessories

Leica special eyecups


Leica Calonox View


Scope of delivery

2 eyecups


30 g / 10 g

Order no.

46542200005 / 466000016000


Leica Calonox Sight


Scope of delivery

1 eyecup


30 g

Order no.


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