Mossberg JM 940 Pro

In the realm of competitive shooting, reliability, speed, and precision are paramount. Mossberg, a renowned name in the firearm industry, has consistently aimed to meet these demands. The Mossberg JM 940 Pro, a culmination of innovation and expertise, emerges as a formidable contender in this landscape. Crafted in collaboration with Jerry Miculek, a legend in the shooting world, the 940 Pro promises to revolutionize your shooting experience. In this review, we delve into its features, performance, and why it stands out among its peers.

Design and Build

At first glance, the Mossberg JM 940 Pro exudes a sleek yet rugged aura, characteristic of Mossberg’s craftsmanship. Its matte blue finish coupled with ergonomic design elements makes handling effortless and comfortable. The adjustable stock allows for personalized fit, catering to shooters of varying statures. The enlarged loading port facilitates swift reloads, a crucial advantage in competitive scenarios. Moreover, the inclusion of oversized controls ensures seamless operation, even in adverse conditions.


The true essence of the Mossberg JM 940 Pro lies in its unparalleled performance. Equipped with a gas-operated system, this shotgun delivers remarkable reliability and reduced recoil, enabling rapid follow-up shots with pinpoint accuracy. The Pro-Series Trigger, with its crisp break and minimal reset, enhances shooting precision, empowering the shooter to maintain superior control over every shot. Whether you’re engaging moving targets on the range or competing in various shooting disciplines, the 940 Pro excels in versatility and consistency.


The Mossberg JM 940 Pro boasts a plethora of features tailored to meet the demands of competitive shooters. Its 24-inch vent-rib barrel, adorned with a fiber optic front sight and mid-barrel bead, ensures rapid target acquisition and improved sight alignment. The extended magazine tube, capable of holding up to 9 rounds, provides ample firepower to tackle any scenario. Additionally, the included Briley extended chokes offer versatility in adapting to various shooting disciplines and environments.


In a realm where precision and speed reign supreme, the Mossberg JM 940 Pro stands tall as a beacon of excellence. From its impeccable design to its unrivaled performance, every aspect of this shotgun reflects Mossberg’s commitment to innovation and quality. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or an aspiring shooter, the 940 Pro’s versatility and reliability will undoubtedly elevate your shooting experience to new heights. With the Mossberg JM 940 Pro by your side, excellence becomes not just a goal, but a tangible reality.

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