Kwazulu-Natal OPEN INVITATION (Extended Long Range Shoot - 1 Day GRAND PRIX Event)

Dear ELRSASA athletes and members,

It is with pleasure that we invite you to the Kwazulu-Natal Extended Long Range Shoot – 1 Day GRAND PRIX Event

I am excited to share with you the invitation form here:

Tournament: 1 Day GRAND PRIX event. Includes the ELRS / ELRSA 2023-24 
(A) National League event (Open class / ACE classes/ Provincial teams 
medals and – which automatically includes the fun series events: (A) SNIPER 
AFRICA .300 ELRS series, (B) NATSHOOT ELRS Series –All in one – one entry 
– fun shoot!

Don’t forget to get your invitation here:

We are super excited to see you all in May!


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