1st focal plane

When viewing the reticle in the first image plane, the reticle size also changes when the magnification is changed. The bar spacing and the coverage range remain the same.

2nd focal plane

When the magnification is changed, the reticle remains the same size – although the size of the image changes, the size of the reticle does not. The subtensions change with the magnification.

Main tube 25.4 mm

The main tube has a diameter of 1inch resp. 25.4 mm and gives the scope an elegant touch. In most cases the existing 1“ mounts can be kept.

Main tube 34 mm

The main tube has a diameter of 34 mm which is the standard for tactical scopes.

Adjustment direction CW

Elevation and windage are working clockwise (=cw).

Adjustment direction CCW

Elevation and windage are working counter-clockwise (= ccw).

Adjustment direction CW or CCW

Depending on the model, elevation and windage are working clockwise (= cw) or counter-clockwise (= ccw).


Fine clicks of ¼ or 1/8 MOA for highest precision on large distances. ¼ MOA corresponds to a shift of the point of impact of 0.73 cm/100 m.


Clicks in MRAD. 0.1 MRAD correspond to a shift of the point of impact of 1 cm/100 m.


Depending on the model the clicks are in MOA or in MRAD. ¼ MOA corresponds to a shift of the point of impact of 0.741 cm/ 100 m. 0.1 MRAD corresponds to a shift of the point of impact of 1 cm/ 100 m.

Windage left

All scopes of the K-series have the parallax wheel integrated in the elevation. For right-hand shooters the ergonomically ideal position is on the left side of the tube. The illumination turret is on the right side of the tube.

Windage right

All scopes of the K-series have the parallax wheel integrated in the elevation. Corresponding to the standard the windage is on the right side of the tube. The illumination turret is on the left side of the tube.

Windage left or right

Superior handling and ergonomics thanks to the unique arrangement of operating elements

Due to the unique arrangement, all operating elements can easily and comfortably be operated with the intuitively preferred hand. Without having to reach over the riflescope or having to move out of the shooting position, all relevant information is always in the visual field. All riflescopes of the K-series have the parallax wheel integrated into the elevation turret.

The patented central arrangement on top of the riflescope makes right and left-handed operation equally comfortable.

Ergonomically the windage is perfectly placed on the left side for right-handed shooters and on the right side for left-hand shooters.

EasyRead elevation turret

The EasyRead elevation with only 100 clicks per rotation level enables particularly easy, fast and reliable reading of the clicks thanks to large click distances in combination with extra-large lettering.

Compared to KAHLES standard elevations with 140 or 160 clicks for fast clicking with long adjustment travel, the calculation of the clicks in the second plane of rotation is much easier.

Zero Stop

The Zero Stop or mechanical stopping point is 3 or 4 clicks below the zero indicator and can be activated after having zeroed the scope. This feature allows to find intuitively and quickly the zero indicator (e.g. in bad light conditions) and to adapt perfectly to special circumstances, such as e.g. high temperatures or very close targets.


Unique TWIST GUARD windage (patented)

The innovative TWIST GUARD windage with it’s freely rotating end cover, reliably prevents accidental movement of the windage. This simple solution not only protects the windage from accidental movement, it also allows the shooter fast and unhindered handling of the windage without the need for cumbersome “locking” and “unlocking”.

SR-Rail (optional)

The SR rail (Swarovski rail) provides since several years the most innovative riflescope mounting option. The mounting rail grips the upper part of the mount with it’s teeth and guarantees complete shooting stability. Through this technique, the scope can also quickly and easily be mounted to different rifles and has established itself as a standard mounting rail in the market.

Ballistic Turret (BT)

Calculate the distance – set – let’s go!

The new HELIA BT and K16i/18i BT ballistic turrets take the guesswork out of aiming at different shooting distances. They impress with user-friendly operation and individual adjustment to the ballistics. KAHLES ballistic turrets can be mounted by the user in a few simple steps. The clearly identifiable stickers supplied provide the option of adding 100% precise markings for individual ballistics, which can be changed quickly and easily if required. They are available only for KAHLES riflescopes HELIA, HELIA 3, K16i and K18i.


The automaticlight function (tilt sensor) detects whether or not the rifle scope is in a shooting position and transmits this information immediately to the illumination unit. This unit automatically switches the illuminated reticle on or off when not in use, in order to save valuable energy.

Automaticlight HELIA RD/RD-C

The HELIA RD/RD-C is equipped with a motion sensor. After being motionless for 3 minutes, the red dot turns off and enters “Standby” mode. In the “Standby” mode, the smallest movement is sufficient to re-activate the red dot in fractions of a second with the last selected brightness level. After 4 hours of inactivity, the red dot switches off completely.

Automaticlight HELIA TI

The intelligent display uses a tilt and motion sensor to automatically switch itself on and off, which avoids any distracting light output from the display and allows immediate reactivation without having to press a button.

2 MOA Dot

Precise 2 MOA dot


Extra-bright day/night illumination in 2nd focal plane with MAX LIGHT function for extreme backlight situations


Extra-bright illumination for extreme backlight situations


The SAFE LIGHT function enables the hunter to fix all chosen settings on the HELIA RD-C, so that the sight is permanently ready. By pressing both buttons at once for at least 2 seconds, the chosen brightness level is fixed, the Automaticlight function is deactivated and also the risk to accidentally turn off the red dot is averted. The SAFE LIGHT function stays activated as long as the different functions are not manually reactivated again.

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