Hunting the African Lion (A Hunter's Trails and a Hunter's Tales)

REVISED and REORGANISED from the original “A Hunter’s Trails and a Hunter’s Tales” mini series volumes – this revised series also contains new stories that were not published in the original series.

Shooting a lion which comes to a bait, from a hide, is not hunting. Hunting a lion by the walk-and-stalk method (i.e. following its tracks on foot) is the only ethical way to sport hunt a lion. Lions, despite their great size can, seemingly, hideaway behind a single blade of grass.

Lions are killers. More lions are killed by other lions than by anything else. And they are bigger and heavier than most people think – up to 4 feet tall at the shoulder and over 500 lbs (240 kgs) in weight. They are immensely powerful. And when they attack a pestering hunter they come at him at speeds only equalled by those of a champion race horse. When a lion sees a hunter approaching, it normally warns the hunter off with heavy growls.

The short stories in this compendium, however, are not sport hunting events but tales about the hunting down of stock-killing lions; and man-eaters. These stories, however, can be more exciting than any kind of sport hunting.

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