As a hunter, you’ll know that it is vital to keep track of all of your equipment and be very familiar with it too. This of course also applies to your primary tool after the rifle. The hunting knife. Regardless of the hunt, it can come in handy. A good hunting knife should be able to cut wood, skin, butcher, and make a sandwich.

When selecting your knife, there are a few things to consider.

The Blade

The type of steel of the blade is an important consideration when buying a hunting knife. This controls how well you can sharpen your knife, how well it will hold its edge after sharpening, and how well it will last for years of use in the field. We recommend considering either stainless steel or carbon steel.

  • Recycled Swedish stainless steel (S)
    Knife blades made of hard enable stainless steel – 12C27 and 14C28N, hardened to HRC 56-58,5 – are found on knives with extreme strength and long life. They also have a very high resistance to moisture, which otherwise can make the blades rust. Recycled Swedish stainless-steel stays sharp longer than carbon steel and is far less sensitive to rust. Recycled Swedish stainless steel is easy to maintain. However, it is always good to take the habit of rinsing the blade under running hot water, preferably with a mild soap solution, after use.
  • Carbon steel (C)
    Carbon steel knife blades are hardened to HRC 58-60 and provide the highest possible sharpness at a good price. Carbon knives will eventually have a matte-gray finish, a change that does not, however, adversely affect the quality. On the contrary, this will rather improve the resistance to corrosion. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen but requires more maintenance when exposed to a humid or corrosive environment. Make sure to keep the blade clean and dry.

The Handle

Your knife is a working tool out in the field. An uncomfortable grip offers this piece of gear rather useless. Although bone, leather, or wooden grips are aesthetically pleasing they can fall short on durability and functionality when covered in water or blood.

Synthetic materials like TPE – Rubber is a great lightweight alternative. For safety reasons, the handle should have a finger guard at the junction of the handle and blade to prevent the user’s hand from sliding forward on the blade.

The most important aspect is that the knife feels comfortable in your hand. This means that it is not too small resulting in over grip or too big which makes it difficult to control.

Here are some of our favorite hunting knives:

Morakniv Kansbol (S)

Here’s a perfect outdoor knife that features the best of both worlds. It’s flexible like a lightweight knife and at the same time has the strength of a more robust model. The combination makes it a hunting knife to be reckoned with.

The ergonomic barrel-shaped handle features a soft friction grip, finger guard, and a 2.5 mm thick, profile-ground blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel, which provides both strength and stability in every cut. Thanks to the blade construction with the profile-ground blade, you can easily skin or divide the animal. The knife spine is also compatible with a fire starter. The polymer knife sheath is symmetrical, which means it suits both right and left-handed users and has a leather strap made of Swedish vegetable-tanned leather that can be attached easily to your belt.

Morakniv Hunting Kit

Here is a perfect kit to bring to the hunt or keep back at the hunting lodge. Developed for the hunting team, the combination Morakniv Skinning Knife (S), Morakniv Butcher Knife (S), and Frosts Sharpening Steel P-207 is ideal for those who need reliable tools close at hand during all seasons of the hunt.

The ergonomic handles of the knives have a friction grip and finger protection that provides both strength and stability in every cut. The tools are stored in practical and puncture-proof packaging.

Morakniv Bushcraft Forest (S)

Here is a reliable hunting and outdoor knife that has a green forest colour and becomes one with nature. Developed for the hunter, the knife has a very ergonomic handle with a soft friction grip, finger protection, and a 2.5 mm thick profile ground blade made of recycled Swedish stainless steel.

Thanks to the handle geometry, the knife is very comfortable to work with, it simply fits like a slap in the fist. The knife sheath has a practical belt clip and belt loop that makes the knife optimized and ready for all seasons of the hunt.

Morakniv Belly Opener 351 (S)

This reliable hunting knife is specially designed to protect the rumen when the hunter opens the belly of the hunted prey. The ergonomic polymer handle features a sturdy finger guard and a 2.0 mm thick, recycled Swedish stainless-steel blade, providing strength and stability in every pull cut. Thanks to the blade and handle design, this knife is ideal for working safely and efficiently in differing weather conditions all year round.

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