Only Hunting Rifles, Hunting Handguns (used for the hunting of game), Hunting Shotguns and Sport Firearms will be transported as Checked baggage.

South African Laws prohibit the carriage of firearms and ammunition in checked baggage or cabin baggage of a passenger.

Such firearms and ammunition must be produced to security staff for the correct handling and checking of the relevant documentation and licence.

A maximum weight of 5 kg ammunition per passenger shall be removed from firearms in a safe manner, before transportation. The removed ammunition shall be packed in separate, lockable, and secure container.

In this instance, you will not be charged an extra baggage fee for the separate ammunition case, if you exceed your free baggage allowance (Piece Concept)

Exceptions – Hunting rifles: Example – The overall free baggage allowance is 20kg permitted on an Economy class ticket and an additional 15kg permitted for the hunting rifle plus an additional 5 kg for the ammunition which means the total free baggage allowance is 40kg before excess baggage charges will apply.

Domestic travel:

Within South Africa, hunting and sporting firearms and ammunition may not be stored in the same case as the firearm nor within checked-in baggage, it must be packed separately.

Between International and Regional travel via South Africa (JNB / CPT / DUR)-

Hunting and sporting firearm and ammunition maybe checked through South Africa in their checked-in baggage, if permitted by the State (Country) they are travelling to/from e.g., NYC FRA JNB BUQ vice versa – (only where passenger does not enter South Africa).

Between Domestic and International / Regional

  • Travel to South Africa:

Passengers will need to package their hunting and sporting ammunition separate from their Checked-in baggage, the ammunition shall be pack in separate, lockable, and secure container, at the first points of entry into South Africa, for all domestic flights, for security clearance by the South African Authorities e.g., FRA JNB DUR / MUB JNB DUR (clearance will be done in JNB).

  • Travel from South Africa:

Passengers require SAPS clearance of their hunting and sporting rifles and ammunition before check-in and then they are permitted to pack ammunition into checked-in baggage as per the laws of the State (Country) they are travelling to e.g., DUR JNB FRA / DUR JNB MUB.

Airlink shall not be held responsible if ammunition is confiscated from checked-in baggage by Airport security or police.

No hand weapons

(small-arms, handguns i.e., pistols/revolvers) will be accepted or may be transported on any Airlink aircraft. Only, hunting rifles, shotguns, Sporting firearms and hunting handguns (maximum 15 kg) may be transported as checked baggage but only to and from the following destinations and see the handling fee below from all the destinations:

Ammunition: on its own will be required to pay a handling fee as per the below charges. 

Rifles and shotguns will not be accepted as Checked Baggage, unless approved no less than three (3) working days prior to departure through Airlink Reservation Support Desk Tel +27 11 451 7300 press 1 (one) or email
Rifles must be unloaded with the safety catch on, and suitably packed and accompanied by all documents legally required by the countries of departure, destination and any stopovers. Only five (5) kilograms of ammunition is allowed per Passenger. Ammunition will never be carried in the cabin or flight deck of the aircraft. Ammunition must be packed separately and securely from the firearm case. 

Weapons such as antique firearms, knives and similar items may be accepted as Checked Baggage only at the airline’s discretion. 

Airlink will have no liability or responsibility where any item accepted is removed from Checked Baggage and/or retained or destroyed by security personnel, government officials, airport officials, police or military officials or other airlines involved in the carriage of a Passenger.

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