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This course allows you to spend the day on the Range with advanced Instructors, covering different Handgun Fundamentals, within different sport shooting scenarios (stages). Skills development included correct & confident handgun handling, sights application, accuracy concepts, and progressive speed – developing your marksmanship skills. But also correct aspects of drawing the handgun from holster, drawing magazines form the pouch, accurate and fast reloads, clearing any type of stoppage / malfunction. The course outcome will give you the edge to move from a novice grading to a marksman shooter.

Entry Fee:

*Fully Geared, nonrental attendee: R1000

*Rental Attendee: R1950.00 (Rental Attendee will be supplied with ammunition, handgun, mags, holster, and mag pouch for course use only)

*Rental attendee will not be supplied with PPE or sturdy belt; this will be at own cost*

Min requirements for non-rental attendee:

  • A good Handgun, in a good outside pants holster, for the strong hip
  • Magazine pouch to carry a minimum of two additional magazines, on weak side hip
  • Shooting Range Attire: Strong trousers and shirt – closed top
  • Cap
  • Closed Shoes or tekkies (no plakkies or crocs)
  • Minimum of 3 Magazines
  • Minimum of 80 good rounds of ammo
  • PPE

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