Faster detection and longer observation: Our thermal imaging devices enable you to discover a whole new side of birding – either during the nocturnal hours, eliminating the need for disruptive light sources that can distress the birds, or in daylight to scan areas at a quicker pace. They are the perfect tool for research and conservation by achieving greater precision in your observations.

Nighttime observation

  • Observing nocturnal birds such as owls
  • Monitoring the migration patterns of nocturnal species
  • Detecting roosting birds in trees

Daytime observation

  • Identifying and observing birds in open areas, bushes and forests, even those with camouflage
  • Exploring the rich biodiversity of tropical regions


  • Counting birds
  • Monitoring the breeding patterns of birds e.g. nesting control
  • Assisting with bird ringing activities
  • Tracking and monitoring bat populations

Key Features

Perfect Ergonomics

ZEISS has developed an innovative operating concept: The ErgoControl operating concept with its intelligent positioning of the buttons ensures that every function can be controlled easily and intuitively. The perfect ergonomic design offers excellent handling in cold and dark conditions. It ensures that both righthanded and left-handed users can operate the device comfortably and also allows it to be operated with just one hand. This makes long and fatigue-free observation possible.

Unparalleled viewing experience

When it comes to observing nature during nighttime, clear and precise images play a vital role in capturing every intricate detail. To meet this demand, ZEISS has developed the cutting-edge ZEISS Smart Image Processing image processing algorithm. This innovative technology is designed to enhance image quality by optimizing sharpness and contrast with precision, resulting in unmatched clarity and detail.

Power Management

With an impressively long battery life the ZEISS DTIs hold enough charge for two to four birding trips. The Auto Shutoff feature conserves battery power: The DTI will automatically shut off after a freely selectable amount of time as long as you haven’t interacted with the thermal imaging camera during this period. Additionally the DTI 6 offers a removable battery which can be quickly and easily replaced on the go in order to be able to identify more details at any time.

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