A self-paced AWEI e-learning journey

Developed in partnership with ShareScreen Africa

This series of 5 one-hour talks highlights farmers and NGOs who are finding ways in which food production and wildlife can co-exist and prosper. They also look at how conservation and regenerative farming practices can lead to additional income streams and diverse local economies for farmers and rural communities. In addition, you will see how farmers can manage their land to capture carbon and promote biodiversity, productive ecosystems and healthy livestock.

Video 1 - The Babanango Community chooses both farming and conservation

Video 2 - Regenerative agriculture: Harnessing the power of nature

Video 3 - Conservation on farmer-owned land: The renosterveld case study

Video 4 - Farmers & grasslands: Symbiosis or fatal decline?

Video 5 - Restoring landscapes through holistic management

Thank you for watching this series of talks. We hope they stimulated your thinking on how wildlife can coexist with agriculture.

In watching these videos did you identify possibilities for developing wildlife-based enterprises within agricultural landscapes? 

If, so, we would be keen to hear about the possibilities you have identified. Please contact us by email.

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