The Caldwell Claymore provides all the benefits of an electric clay thrower without having to tote a heavy battery around. This easy to cock, foot-operated manual device can throw clays out to 55-70 yards and can hold 50 clays in the target magazine. It features a standard mode and a flurry mode which allows for a continuous step and throw sequence, launching clays as fast as you can step on the pedal. To expand on the versatility of the Caldwell Claymore, it also features adjustable launch angles to provide multiple different shots for the shooter. The Claymore only weighs 35 lbs and is collapsible for easy storage and transport. Get out and shatter some clays either by yourself or with some friends with the Caldwell Claymore!

The Caldwell® Claymore Target Thrower gives you the benefits of an electric thrower without the need to bring a heavy battery around with you. The foot-operated, manual device is easy to cock and can throw clays 55-70 yards. The magazine can hold 50 clays. This thrower gives you a standard mode and flurry mode, which gives you a continuous step-and-throw sequence capable of launching clays as fast as you can hit the pedal. Adjustable launch angles provide different shots. The Claymore weighs in at 35 lbs and collapses down for simpler storage and transportation.

  • Foot operated
  • Easy to cock
  • Throws clays 55-70 yards
  • 50-clay magazine capacity
  • Adjustable launch angle
  • Collapses for simple storage and transportation


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