Discover the pinnacle of luxury in the world of tents with Bushtec Safari, renowned as the premier designer and manufacturer of top-quality luxury tents.

As the go-to manufacturer for safari camps, game reserves, hunting lodges, and resorts worldwide, Bushtec Safari offers a wide range of unique tent designs. From design conception to manufacturing, delivery, and installation, we maintain complete control over the entire process, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

Our Standard Luxury Tent Range includes but is not limited to:

Springbok Tent: The entry-level luxury tent in our range, the A-frame Springbok, is versatile as standard accommodation or can be transformed for a more lavish ambiance. You can also extend its length for an entertainment area in a fully functional tented camp.

Shaka Tent: The modular Shaka range offers endless possibilities, with smaller and larger modules like Bateleur, Kingfisher, and the Kingfisher tent. Ideal for reception areas, curio shops, accommodation units, spas, family units and more.

Jama Tent: Known for its oval shape, the Jama tent exudes a softer aesthetic, perfect for verandah-equipped accommodations. Extended versions serve as excellent conference and dining facilities.

Jabulela Tent: Step into the extraordinary world of the Jabulela tent, where innovative design meets boundless inspiration. Its captivating semicircle structure invites creativity and uniqueness.

Bali Tent: The Bali luxury tent ensures consistent and captivating design, perfect for receptions, lounges, bars, spas, or accommodations. Versatile and adaptable, it can stand alone or be clustered for larger tented areas.

Gazelle Tent: Elevate your tented accommodation with the Gazelle luxury tent, featuring a striking A-frame design enhanced by wooden outriggers. Immerse yourself in spacious comfort and safari elegance.

Albridi Tent: This spacious 2-sleeper masterpiece combines a BushCad light steel frame with canvas, providing a harmonious blend of nature and solid structure. Eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, it features an air conditioning unit, ensuite shower, and outdoor bath. The generous space also allows to accommodate a family.


Our customizable options include personalized designs, different sizes, various colours of material, hard doors and windows, fully tented structures or hybrid structures including solid components in combination with tented materials.

Eco-friendly Luxury Blending with Nature:

Bushtec Safari’s luxury tents are eco-friendly, leaving the tiniest footprint possible. Mounted on wooden decks that settle gently into the ground, our tents create a luxurious camping experience without disrupting the environment. With outstanding designs built to withstand the test of time, invest in the excellence of Bushtec Safari luxury tents for an unparalleled experience in nature.

Bushtec Safari – Designed to Impress. Built to Last. 

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