Bushtec Safari luxury tents leading the exciting evolution of luxury Glamping.

San Camp

Outdoor Hospitality has emerged as a prominent and growing trend. Glamping, in particular, has taken the hospitality industry by storm, with Bushtec Safari luxury tents at the forefront of this exciting evolution.

Bushtec Safari luxury tents are more than just accommodations; they represent a unique experience that brings travelers closer to nature. Crafted with the finest materials, these tents offer customizable options and exquisite designs. Beyond their physical allure, staying in a luxury tent aligns with eco-conscious travelers’ desire for sustainable, environmentally-friendly choices. This shift has elevated luxury tented resorts as the preferred destinations for travelers seeking both opulent comfort and immersive experiences.

The versatility of Bushtec Safari luxury tents knows no bounds. They serve as ideal settings for weddings, lodges, campsites, resorts, B&Bs, vacation homes, or even personal sanctuaries. Opting for luxury tents proves not only more cost-effective but also quicker, more exciting, and remarkably adaptable compared to conventional alternatives.

Camp Aramoni

With over five decades of industry leadership, Bushtec Safari boasts a diverse range of standard designs that can be further customized to suit specific preferences. These customizations encompass materials, tent size, and style, catering to various purposes such as accommodations, entertainment, dining, receptions, spas, gyms, and more.

Bushtec Safari’s experienced in-house team sets them apart in the industry. This team includes design and rendering experts, research and development specialists, project managers, and international consultants, ensuring comprehensive support for rapid growth. They offer full turnkey services, spanning from land preparation to interior design, ensuring a seamless process.

Designed to withstand year-round use and diverse weather conditions, Bushtec Safari tents excel in extreme heat, cold, snow, and high winds. They adapt seamlessly to various landscapes, from deserts to beaches, mountains, and forests.

Luxury tents consistently outperform traditional hotel rooms in terms of occupancy and key rates. Their unique ambiance offers a special outdoor experience without compromising on luxury.

Dwyka Tented Lodge

Dwyka Tented lodge Interior

When seeking to create the perfect tented escape, choose Bushtec Safari luxury tents – where design impresses and durability lasts.

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