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PHASA membership

Founded in 1978 and reflecting the leading figures and statistics of the wildlife industry in South Africa, the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) is the largest Professional Hunters’ Association in the world with around 1000 full members and more than 3000 in total membership.

Mandated with a Constitutional code of conduct, PHASA’s mission is to serve its Full Members and their livelihoods. There are also various other PHASA membership types that make PHASA a very inclusive association.

The Constitution provides for Full, Associate, Friends of PHASA, Honorary, Life, Affiliate, International & Chapter Membership. The various membership categories and can be found on the Association’s website (

  • Only South African licensed professional hunters and licensed hunting outfitters qualify for Full Membership of PHASA. In the Full Membership category, a two-tier fee structure applies, with licensed outfitters paying higher fees than professional hunters.
  • Professional hunters under the age of 25 qualify for a membership fee discount.
  • Associate Membership: Membership may be granted to any business entity or person who is involved in the hunting industry or promotes the aims and objectives of the hunting industry and/or the Association. It shall also be open to any individual or organization outside of the Republic of South Africa that promotes the same or similar aims and objectives of the Association.
  • Friends of PHASA: This membership may be granted to a South African citizen, who does not qualify for any other membership category and who supports the same or similar aims and objectives of the association.
  • International Membership: The membership may be granted to any natural person who does not qualify for full membership and in addition, does not ordinarily reside in the Republic of South Africa.
  • Chapter Membership: Chapter membership may be granted to a chapter (not an individual) of an association e.g. SCI, DSC, and or similar hunting associations. This membership will include all members of such associations excluding Southern African citizens.
  • All PHASA members are automatically members of the PHASA Foundation. No fees are payable for membership in the Foundation, but support for its various fund-raising activities is very much appreciated.

*Only full members have voting rights.

  • Membership fees are paid annually and are determined by the PHASA AGM, on the advice of the Exco.
  • Fees differ for the various membership categories.

PHASA members are proud of being held to its high standards in terms of its Code of Conduct and Constitution. Prospective hunting clients are encouraged to book with the Full PHASA members. A list of the Full Members is available on the PHASA website.

PHASA has a full-time office located in Centurion with a dedicated staff who are permanently employed. PHASA has an elected board of directors or EXCO led by its President, Dr Ben Heystek, and CEO, Mr Dries van Coller, who together with the office staff strive to serve its members and their industry.

PHASA represents its members on various platforms nationally, provincially, and internationally to advance its members livelihoods and ensure that the sustainable wildlife industry model of South Africa is promoted at all these levels. The process to join PHASA is as easy as going onto our excellent website and clicking on the membership bar or contact PHASA welcomes applications from anyone with an interest in the sustainability of the wildlife industry in South Africa.

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