Benchmark Game Breeders 23rd Annual Auction a great success

The Benchmark Game Breeders 23rd annual auction was held on Saturday at Castle de Wildt. Total turnover was R10.7m from the 75 lots sold on the auction.

Once again, the auction was live online with a strong turnout of buyers and their families attending the auction.  The total number of potential buyers registered for the auction was 35% higher than last year.

“Bidding on many lots was fast a furious with good prices achieved for most of the animals on offer.” Said Garth Saunders Chairman of Benchmark Game Breeders. “Overall, the auction exceeded our expectations, and we are very proud of our members and guest sellers for the high-quality animals they selected for the auction”. He continued.

Some of the highlights from the auction were:

 A 50 4/8” pure Zambian Sable bull sold for R380 000.

Wildebeest once again stole the show with R280 000 paid for a 3 in 1, 24” wildebeest daughter of Chester, R275 000 paid for one of the largest Royal wildebeest cows ever on auction, R800 000 paid for a 33 2/8” golden Wildebeest bull.

Buffalo bulls achieved good prices and the customary sable offering was snapped up by buyers at good prices.

Dappled Impala remain in demand with a 19” Dappled ram selling for R205 000.

We also held the second edition of the Benchmark Golf Challenge at Koro Creek Golf course. The players all had an enjoyable day out of the office, catching up with friends in the game industry.

A huge thank you to all our sponsors, buyers and underbidders. We appreciate your support and confidence in the Benchmark group.

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