BASA’s 3rd shoot for the year was held this past Saturday at Magnum United Shooting range in Pretoria. The traditional winter shoot delivered with a chilly morning and a surprisingly wet range, after the late season rains.  

The morning’s registration, which thanks to the new online paying system, went smoothly. The safety and range briefings were held and the participants got a first impression of what lay in wait for them. It was very clear that the day’s ranges, were not your standard ranges. Participants were to remember the sequence of shots and running was in store.

The morning briefing however belonged to Louis Fourie, who was presented with the BASA Chairmans Award as appreciation for his dedication and service to Basa. Louis, with membership number 50, is one of the founding members of BASA. We again salute and thank you Louis for your contribution to what Basa is today.

BASA Range 1 – Rhino range.  

The rhino range proofed to be a challenge for both participants and RO’s regarding to correct sequence. The only easy thing to remember on this range, was that all shots where heart / lung shots. It should be mentioned, at the morning briefing it was clearly indicated that any shot taken out of sequence would incur a 10 second penalty. Participants were asked to unbag and on the RO’s whistle load 2 rounds and shoot 1 shot at each right facing rhino that appears to be running away. The catch was each rhino was on the separate ends of the range next to a left facing rhino. After the first 2 shots, the shooter ran to left, through an electric gate triggering a target that was to turn. Participants did not have a lot of time to load 1 round and shoot this rhino. Thereafter 2 more rounds were to be loaded and the previous mentioned 2 facing left rhinos was now the targets. The range ended with a sprint across the entire range to the right for a final shot to another stationary rhino.   Surprisingly, even with the longest shots for the day and the specific sequence, 5 participants got full score. Congratulations to father and son Frederik and Aaron Cocquyt, Claude Rossouw, Hendrik de Kock and Rudi Britz.

Rhino range – Gerhard Geyer shooting his new 450 Rigby

Range 2 – Leopard and crocodile    

This range favoured bolt action rifles. Participants were asked to load as many as possible with the last round to be chambered, and the rifle to be put on safe and held at 45 degrees. On the RO’s whistle the shooter had 2 shots at a leopard, one heart lung and one high spine shot. Thereafter followed 2 shots on a crocodile. The participants did not have the luxury nor the time to shoot from sticks or another solid rest, and these tricky shots were to be taken off hand. Only two shots are effective in anchoring your croc; a shot placed into his golf-ball sized brain or one that hits the spinal column just behind the head. On the Basa target, these targets appear to be easy shots, the brain shot just below and behind the eye and the spine shot behind the smile which is clear to identify. The small areas, offhand shooting and participants misjudging the incorrect “eye” and smile caused a lot of misses. The range ended with another, but further crocodile brain shot and for fun a very small water balloon, that even those with scopes struggled to find in their crosshairs. No shooter got full hits, with only 5 participants getting 5 hits.

Shooting position on the Leopard and crocodile range – top lady Jeanette Du Plessis and new RO, Aaron Cocquyt

Range 3 – Lions

The Lion range was again a range full of surpises and moving targets. However this range with its specific secquence favoured the double rifle.  Participants were asked to start the range with 2 shots at 2 spinning lion head targets. The target made a full 360 degree turn only giving the shooter a very brief oppurtuinity of seeing, let alone shoot the lion target. Thereafter the shooter had to run a few metres, again through an electric gate triggering a target that was to turn. The shooter had to load 2 rounds and on the turning target was a front facing male lion which required a frontal heart shot and head shot, before it turned away, 2 more rounds were to be loaded for a heart and brain shot at another lion walking to the left. This range proved to be even more difficult that the previous 2 ranges, with no shooter obtaining full score and only Christiaan Swart achieving 5/6 hits.

Lion target shot 1 and 2

Lion range – third and fourth shot at front facing lion before the targets turns

The CHASA buffalo range which forms part of the annual CHASA competition was again available for participants.  The shooter starts with an unloaded firearm, 50 metres from the buffalo target, loads 2 rounds on the whistle and shoots 2 chest shots at the facing buffalo. Thereafter the shooter runs, or walks, depending on fitness to 25 metres, loads 2 rounds for 2 shots at the brain. Another short sprint is required to 10 metres, for 2 more shots at the brain. The scoring areas for the 2 chest shots are divided into a 100, 75 and 50 points area. The brain only has a 100-point scoring area, thus a hit or miss. Any shots outside of the respective scoring areas counts as a minus -30 penalty.

Although most participants did manage to score some points, it has happened in the past that some left the CHASA range with a minus -180-point score and a serious blow to their ego’s. The days winner was Pieter Swart with a very impressive score of 575 points.

Christiaan Swart, top gun for day, on the CHASA buffalo range

The BASA electronics did not only extend to the targets. The queuing system was again used to ensure participants did not queue unnecessarily to long at a range. After a chilly start to the morning, most participants were full of adrenaline and smiles after 18 big bore shots.  Christiaan Swart was the top gun, deservedly with 14 hits. The top junior was Aaron Cocquyt, 11th overall, with an impressive 13 hits, including the full score on Range 1. Jeanette Du Plessis was the top lady for the day. Top double was Ferdi Killian with his 470 NE and top veteran, was the Chairman, Jaco Zeeman.

A special word of mention must be made to the newly established FMJ (Finish met Jameson) big bore squad.

Thanks to all members and visitors for participating in the day, the RO’s, scorers and other helpers for their help, without whom a day such as this cannot be done.


  • Total participants for the day – 65
  • Members – 54
  • Visitors – 11
  • Juniors – 6

Top 3


Christiaan Swart


Frederik Cocquyt


Johan Griesel

Top Junior

Aaron Cocquyt – 11th  overall (375 H&H)

CHASA Buffalo Range Winner

Pieter Swart – 575 points

Big Bore Calibres used.



Highest Weight bullet

Lowest weight

*Avg velocity for standard weight/most used weight*

375 H&H




2360 @ 300gr

404 Jeffery




2154 @ 400gr

416 Rigby




2310 @ 400gr

416 Remington




2334 @ 400gr

450 NE 3 1/4




2157 @ 480gr

450/400 NE 3





458 Win Mag




2111 @ 500gr

458 Lott




2228 @ 500gr

458 Express




2105 @ 500gr

450 Rigby




2252 @ 500gr

470 NE




2199 @ 500gr

500 Jeffery




2222 @ 535gr

500 NE




2107 @ 570gr

505 Gibbs



2155 @ 600gr






Scoring statistics

  1. Total shots for the day – 1170
  2. Total hits for the day – 468 (40%)
  3. Total misses for the day – 702 (60%)
  4. Most Hits – 14

Range 1 (Rhino)

Range 2 (Leopard)

Range 3 (Lion)

Avg Time                              54.38

Avg Time                   43

Avg Time              47.3

Avg Hits                                3

Avg Hits                     2.2

Avg Hits                1.92

Top 10 Facts

  • Red Dot = 5
  • Scope = 4
  • Open Sight = 1

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