BASA AGM & shoot – 11 February 2023

Well, I woke up Saturday morning and peered through my bedroom window at the pouring rain, and I thought to myself “Only the brave or the stupid will venture out to the shooting range today!”

Yet, as the saying goes – The show must go on!

78 eager beavers (no pun intended!) gathered in the club house for the AGM and pre-shoot briefing while enjoying a cup of hot coffee.

Most wore gumboots and raincoats, but all were eager to burn some powder.


The entire EXCO remains as is with the only changes being:

  • Pieter Swart as Immediate Past Chairman (IPC) stood down as vice-chair while Stephen Swart (chip of the old block) was voted in as vice-chair.

Minor Constitutional changes were tabled and agreed to by the members.  The most significant of these are:

  • Elected members to serve for a minimum term of 2 years
  • New position on the EXCO of IPC. This is to ensure continuity and retention of knowledge and experience of the outgoing chairman for a minimum period of 12 months.

Apart from current chairman Jaco Zeeman and IPC Pieter Swart, two other past chairmen were present. i.e., Robert Peachy and Stephen Palos.

The Shoot

Again. Christiaan surprised us with 3 very interesting, yet very challenging ranges.

Due to the pouring rain some adjustments had to be made, i.e. no running targets and no moving from one shooting to another due to the danger of slipping and falling with a rifle in the hand. All targets had to be engaged with the shooter standing in one position under a roof out of the rain.

Although the shooters and rifles were dry, some of the ejected cases landed in some murky flowing water, with the result that after every exercise, shooters were sifting for cases in the running water like the gold diggers from days gone past.

A new big bore caliber was also presented by Mias Raubenheimer namely the all new “drie en ‘n driekwart”.  It will be interesting to see how the popularity of this caliber will fare.

Two juniors, brothers Mason (12) and Jaxon (10) le Roux showed their “steel” and showed quite a few more experienced shooters how to handle the big bores.  Mason was shooting dad Dean’s .500 N.E. and Jaxon a .375 H&H. Their scores placed them 19th and 35th respectively.  This is excellent shooting!

Top Gun & Top Double for the day was Stuart Bell.

Range 1 – Buffalo & Lion

Range 2 – Hippo Hollow

Range 3- Fun range – balloon, card, lion, elephant

N.B.  The next BASA shoot is on Saturday 15 April 2023 @ Magnum United Shooting Range

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