18th Annual Stud Game Breeders Auction

11:00, Saturday, 2 September 2023 at Zebula Golf Estate

Live Auction:
Live Auction Closes From: 11:00, Saturday, 2 September 2023 at the live event & on the WW App.

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Silent Auction:

Silent Auction Closes From: 17:00, Saturday, 2 September 2023 in staggered intervals on the SGB APP.

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For more information, contact:

JP Smith | 082 417 8826
Carl Vos | 082 467 1807
Hans Coetzee | 083 742 1128
Luhan Bester | 079 864 7861
Ruben Jordaan | 083 460 9778
Chris Koch | 076 144 7558

Lot 15 Live Auction - 38 5/8” Mika is 8 years old, a true beauty. She is sired by 48 6/8” Conroy and is in calf to the newest member of our 50” club, JB.

Lot 18 Live Auction – Exceptional 54 2/8” Ysterman at only 8y 3m will be on auction! Current SCI of 138 (2020: 142) and sired by 48 1/8” El Toro (dam 36 1/8”) as well as an impressive body and attitude. The chance to acquire Ysterman is truly the opportunity of a lifetime! He will enhance the genetics of any herd – undoubtedly a great asset for the serious Buffalo breeder.

Lot 36 Live Auction - Dinala - outstanding young son of 52” Inala and 42” Themba (Matetsi daughter). Already measuring 53’’ @ only 5y 7m. Dinala grew 1 3/8’’ in the previous 3 months. Boss still 4’’ soft on both sides, showing a lot of growth potential. An eye catching, large bodied, broad, deep bull with capacity. Buyer has the option, at his / her own risk, to leave him at Nyumbu to allow him to grow out for a period of up to 12 months. Perfect opportunity to acquire exceptional genetics from the Inala legacy. First ever 50” son of Inala on auction.

Lot 43 Live Auction - Advantage is the first ever Deuce son offered to the market. A spitting image of his sire, Advantage boasts a horn length of 51 3/8”, a pitch-black mask and is an incredibly fertile bull. Advantage hails from the ever performing 39 5/8”+ Dinah female line. Dinah is one of Tembani’s longest horn and best performing pure Zambian females. Advantage is the full brother of Leah who was sold in Lot 61 on the SGB 2022 Live auction.

Lot 46 Live Auction - Magnificent Western, already 51 6/8" at a young age, tip-to-tip 33". WZ Sable breeding bull with all the giant Sable sought-after phenotypical characteristics. Son of 52 5/8” Walker.

Lot 63 Live Auction - A well balanced 50 6/8” breeding bull with masculine body and superb horn boss volume with an SCI of 126 5/8. Dam, 35 4/8” Galeshewe, top breeding cow.

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