SIG SAUER is proud to officially launch The Objective; the go-to industry resource for cutting-edge innovation in the world of military small arms technology.  This official blog from SIG SAUER is purposed to showcase the work of the SIG Defense team and the elite Special Weapons Group within SIG SAUER whose sole mission is to develop, innovate, and deliver groundbreaking SIG products.

The Objective is poised to feature stories on topics that include the development of the MCX-SPEAR and SIG-LMG, which are now fielded as the U.S. Army’s XM7 and XM250 Next Generation Squad Weapons; the M17 and M18 pistols, designed and manufactured by SIG for the Modular Handgun System with over 500,000 fielded and adopted by all branches of the U.S. military; and the ongoing development of the SIG-MMG 338, Medium Machine Gun, for the elite warriors of our nation’s Special Operations Command – and that’s just the start.

Through insightful topics that illuminate the world of weapon development The Objective will deliver unparalleled content about the cutting-edge world of military small arms technology direct from the team that is reshaping the modern battlefield through innovation.

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