PART 9: Learn All About The Dry Ager Benefits With Chris Fourie

Dry Ager units are produced with German quality and proudly carries many awards for the product and patented technology that had been developed over many years of accuracy, efficiency and ingenuity. It boasts significantly far less shrinkage than other aging units as well as reduces surface blackening which occurs during the dry ageing process, as a result there is minimal wastage and together with patented technology makes Dry Ager equipment far more beneficial to anything else on the market.

Totally Easy… The perfect result with the touch of a button. Even products that you have never aged before are no longer a problem with SmartAging® – it’s culinary child’s play.

Unbelievably flexible… Dry Ager has though of everything: The right program for every type of food at the touch of a button.
Thanks to fabulous parameter ranges and SmartAging®, the spectrum of tantalizing delicacies you can age has never been wider.

Reliably smart… Because you don’t want the meat to shrink, but instead to age, the new generation of DRY AGER® Dry Aging cabinets promise success – plain and simple. Thanks to sophisticated technology developed by professionals, you can always be sure.

SmartAging® technology

With SmartAging® Technology, Dry Aging is now easier and safer than ever before! The new DRY AGER® Aging Cabinet generation guarantees you unique aging results, simply and easily with SmartAging®. Venison that is aged is particularly valuable and delicate so you don’t want to make any mistakes. With Dry Ager® these worries are now over as you can trust the SmartAging technolo- gy to achieve the result by the program you select.

Precise parameters

The intelligent control system of the Premium S models allows temperatures from 0 to +30 °C as well as humidity values between 40 and 90% to be controlled electronically at all times, and this is achieved without a water connection or tank, thanks to HumiControl®. You have the option to use the fully automatic system with the SmartAging® programs or you can switch to manual mode where you can self-adjust.

Introducing sophisticated optics

The cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and can enhance any environment. We have also continued our quality on the inside with a sophisticated design, which facilitates cleaning and prevents the formation of dirt, especially in the corners. You will notice that the bottom surface slopes backwards to allow the collection of liquids. And then, lets not forget, the DRY AGER® Dry Aging cabinet can become a highlighted feature by using the DX LED premium light strips – integrated into the walls on both sides as well as in the head area of the DX 1000 model. On the DX 1000 Premium S model, the light intensity is also continuously dimmable.

Absolute cleanliness

The DRY AGER® Premium S cabinets are the world’s only aging refrigerator series with an active UVC sterilization box that completely sterilizes the entire air mass in the aging cabinet every 60 seconds, and an activated carbon filter that purifies the incoming air. Perfect initial hygienic conditions after each aging cycle is ensured by using the integrated SmartAging® pre-cleaning program. The result is that there is no opportunity for dangerous bacteria and germs and you will definitely be ready for the next batch.

Weight loss is minimal

The new DRY AGER® Premium S series has been tested and the average weight loss on beef is at about 7-8% after 4 weeks of aging on the bone, and about 12% after 6 weeks. These values are by far less than on other dry aging cabinets available around the world.

Let’s put some light on the subject…

Makes your DRY AGER® Dry Aging Cabinet shine even more colourfully and puts your goods in an even better light with the optional DX-LED Salt Wall System.

Featuring a deceptively real salt look, the LED wall can be set to 10 different colours and also allows colour concepts to be included in the aging cabinet. The system can be ordered pre-installed or as a retrofit kit.


  • Ideal Dry Aging environment
  • Ideal Temperature
  • Ideal Relative Humidity
  • Ideal Distribution of Air and Humidity
  • Ideal Sanitised and Clean Atmosphere
  • We have to control Air (oxygen), Temperature and
  • Air is filtered and sanitised
  • Temperature is kept consistent without force, correct airflow created through the smart design and engineering the process
  • No drying out of the air, the moisture is kept inside the carcase ensuring flavour is not lost!
  • By allowing all of the above factors to be managed weight loss is curbed to less than 12 % even after 6-8 weeks of ageing.
  • ZERO foul smells of scents of decay present on any part of the carcass. NO horrendously pungent
  • Flavour profiles are rich and beefy with sensations of butter and a creaminess on the
  • Tenderness is in the tissue and not the mass, thus a sensation of firm but tender is
  • No chance of a dry meat sensation even with over cooked medium to well done
  • Pellicle that forms on the exterior of the exposed carcase is now reduced to a thin walled barrier, that in most instances don’t need trimming away!
  • If the practice of Tallow (covering the exposed muscle/carcase with fat or butter) is introduced the weight loss can be reduced to under 8% for the same period.

So with the above in mind, it is clear that Dry Ager® allows the benefit of maturation without the funkiness of traditional matured meat cuts. And with Dry Ager® the ageing process can be extended way past the present periods, thus to achieving even more from the flavour profile development.

Customers who traditionally shied away from eating “rotten” meat, will now gladly trust and enjoy the amazing dry aged flavours produced in a state-of-the-art Dry Ager® cabinet.

For more information contact Chris Fourie on +27 64 684 9666 or email

Keep a look out for Part 10 on 11 October 2023 and we will introduce you to our easy to retrofit – Dry Ager Production Units

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