SIG SAUER ELITE HUNTER TIPPED™ ammunition gives the serious sportsman unmatched, long range accuracy, with devastating on-target performance. Massive expansion delivers instant knockdown and terminal energy on small to medium game.

  1. Translucent yellow tip increases ballistic coefficient, improves terminal performance, and aids in consistent reliable chambering.
  2. Exclusive jacket design delivers devastating on-game performance for small to medium game at extended ranges.
  3. Concentric blackened jacket ensures reliable expansion.
  4. Enhanced boat tail design provides superior flight characteristics over a wide range of velocities.
  5. Custom formulated and precision loaded powders deliver consistent velocities regardless of atmospheric conditions.
  6. Nickel plated cases aid in extraction while providing significant anti-corrosion qualities.
  7. Industry leading primers are matched to proprietary powder blends to ensure dependable ignition.

SIG SAUER is imported and distributed by the Blaser Group SA. You can contact them at infosa@blaser-group.com

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