Dry Ager - the world’s leading brand of ageing fridges

Landig & Lava (owner of the brand DRY AGER®) is a prestigious family-owned company in Southern Germany, where all big car-brands manufacture their great products.

Dry Agers are built for both private and commercial use and is a world leader in dry ageing technology.

With a vision to build a professional dry ageing fridge that looks as appealing as your favourite rifle, the group of expert dry ageing engineers spent months developing the state-of-the-art technologies that would ensure your meat – including your venison – maturation will be something spectacular!

As Dry Ager S.A. we are proud to say that the Dry Ager® cabinet stands at the pinnacle of meat maturation in the world. Similar to a well-crafted, balanced and beautiful rifle – a Dry Ager cabinet is a testament to hard work and dedication with it’s timeless, contemporary and high-end functionality and design. It marries craftsmanship and ancient ageing techniques perfectly into the modern world.

The secret to our Dry Ager® success lies in precision, with exact temperatures and humidity being carefully controlled. Thanks to the HumiControl® system, humidity can be maintained at between 60% – 90% and, with the additional feature of a DX AirReg® system, a perfect microclimate, ideal airflow and continuous internal sterilisation is guaranteed, despite any external temperature fluctuations.

All of these exceptional attributes allow the Dry Ager® to mature your choice of protein to perfection while minimizing the weight loss to below 10% over the first four weeks and an even more impressive sub 14% over six weeks.

What if foods are frozen? The Dry Ager® defrosts automatically and the water evaporates into a receptacle on the compressor in the back of the device. Thus, no drain-water system required at all! Upon delivery of the Dry Ager®, all you have to do is unpack the unit, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. No water connection or filling of a water tank is required. Even the placement of the dry-aging cabinet is very simple due to its integrated transport handles and wheels.

The Dry Ager® will be a sought-after addition to any home. You are also not limited to dry ageing, as the Dry Ager® is perfectly suited and designed to transform you into a charcuterie specialist and the envy of your friends!

For more on Dry Ager visit www.dryager.coza or mail chris@dryagersa.co.za

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