Dry Ager

SmartAging® – for perfectly aged Venison.

Thanks to our integrated SmartAging® technology, you’ll be able to age your venison at the touch of a button. Select the appropriate dry ageing program via the new control system directly on the Dry Ager®, and off you go. The device does not need a water connection or a water tank, which are just two of the many unique selling points.

Functional, award-winning design

Winner of many prestigious design awards, the Dry Ager® dry ageing maturation cabinet is guaranteed to be the best choice. The inner container is antibacterial and is shaped to facilitate cleaning and prevent the formation of dirt in corners. The bottom surface slopes backwards to prevent liquids from spilling out of the unit. The integrated DX LED Premium light strips, which are integrated in the door on both sides, perfectly illuminate the food in the Dry Aging Fridge.

DX 1000 Premium S  – More room for good taste. With the best quality.

So big you can get creative. From sausage, meat, cheese, ham and so much more: Now you can age like a pro thanks to our easy to pick SmartAging® programs. Display your venison beautifully in your home, restaurant, butcher shop, hotel, or hobby space. The included stainless-steel hanger and optional shelves for meat and charcuterie, allow you to dry age up to 100 kg of food at a time.

What you’ll get:

  • DX1000 Premium S
  • 4 x Full Shelves
  • 1 x 1/2 Shelf
  • 2 x Hangers
  • 3 Year Extended Warranty Maintenance Kit – 3 x UVC bulb and 3 x Carbon Filter

All for only R128 000 including VAT and national delivery.

Order your Dry Ager® today: www.dryager.coza or call: +27 64 684 9666

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