Burris® eliminator 6

​​Train Far, Hunt Responsibly, and Never Miss a shot with the revolutionary Eliminator 6, our most advanced hunting riflescope to date.

Harnessing over 20 years of cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrated into a modern riflescope chassis, the Eliminator 6 empowers hunters to achieve unparalleled accuracy in the most challenging conditions. At the touch of a button, this redesigned marvel ranges and displays the target distance, swiftly calculates the exact aiming point and wind data, all within the scope for heightened situational awareness.

Let the all-new Eliminator 6 eradicate guesswork, allowing you to concentrate solely on squeezing the trigger and executing flawless, precise shots every time. Elevate your hunting experience with the epitome of advanced technology – the Burris Eliminator 6.


Ranging: At the touch of a button, the Eliminator 6 offers instant and precise ranging out to 2000+ yards on reflective targets and 1400 yards on deer hide. Simply place the reticle on the target, depress the ranging button, and the distance in yards or meters is presented on the scope’s heads-up display (HUD).

Ballistic Compensation: The Eliminator 6’s ballistic solutions are built from user data uploaded using the BurrisConnect app. Bluetooth connectivity between the scope and the user’s mobile device allows the user to create an internal DOPE card in the Eliminator 6, combining ranging, environmental, and ballistic data to achieve the perfect shot. Users can create profiles using factory load data or completely customize them, covering firearms from muzzleloaders and slug guns to precision rifles.

Comprehensive User Interface: The Eliminator 6 presents up to 10 data points in the HUD. This information is divided into zones that can be turned on or off at the shooter’s preference via the Burris Connect app. The ranged distance and wind hold value can also be swapped per the user’s preference.

Environmental Monitoring: Climate and terrain play a significant role in ballistics. The Eliminator 6 features a built-in thermometer, barometer, and inclinometer, automatically measuring density altitude (which can also be manually selected). From this, the Eliminator 6 selects the ballistics solution via the previously calculated database drawn from the Burris Connect app.

Precise Aiming Solutions: The digital DOPE card works with the scope’s illuminated X177 reticle to display the precise holdover aiming point for the ranged distance. Combined with the reticle’s windage hold-off points, the Eliminator 6 offers a massive 177 aim points with 1/5 MOA precision to ensure reliable point-of-aim/point-of-impact performance.

Digital Guard Rails: Available for display in the HUD are bullet velocity and bullet energy at the ranged distance. Embodying the “Hunt Responsibly” ethic, these features allow the shooter to recognize when the shot distance may be too far and the velocity/energy too low to ensure an ethical kill. In addition to showing the bullet’s calculated velocity and energy at the ranged distance, the scope also offers a Shotcall Indicator. The SCI will display an “X” if the user-defined ballistic terminal performance is inadequate at the ranged distance.

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