African Bowhunting Adventures

African Bowhunting Adventures was created with one goal in mind – to give bowhunters from across the world the hunt of a lifetime. Africa is a dream destination for so many and we pride ourselves on making it a reality.

Meet Danie

Danie Geel, the owner and founder of African Bowhunting Adventure (ABA), is a passionate bowhunter and has been hunting with a bow for 15 years. His dad took him on his first hunt at the age of 3 and he successfully hunted his first animal at the age of 5. He then hunted a Cape Buffalo at the age of 11 and soon after discovered a new love and passion for hunting with bow and arrow. Since then, he has taken more than 45 species with the bow including multiple Top 10 SCI trophies with a World record and several #2 and #3s.

Bowhunting is still relatively new to a lot of outfitters and land owners in Africa and that’s exactly why it is so important to go with a company that will place you in ideal situations for a bowhunters and understand your unique requirements.

“I started ABA to exceed in the expectations of all bowhunters, whether it is a hunter who wants to hunt the normal plains game species for the first time or even a more advanced hunter with the Tiny 10 or even some of the Big 5 in his/her sights.”

African Bowhunting Adventures are currently operating in South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia and Namibia. All of our locations are verified to be bowhunting friendly and we have done everything within our power to give you, as a passionate bowhunter, the best possible opportunity on your specific trophy. Our areas specialize in the more difficult species to hunt with bow and arrow.

An experience of a lifetime

If you have a passion for the thrill of the bowhunting experience then this is where your dreams will come true. From a novice hoping to hunt his first trophy, to a pro with the last few species on your hitlist, we are the company for you. We provide a premium service to connect bowhunters with their specialised and tailormade experience. We strive to create a partnership between our customers and ourselves. You arrive as a client, and leave as a lifelong friend.

Invest in us, and we will help you to fulfil your wildest dreams every time. We offer the widest variety of species to hunt, as well as the greatest variety of habitats and climates so that anything is possible. The thrill of the chase, the challenge of waiting, the closeness to nature and finally the thrill of the kill will ignite your passion for bowhunting as never before and will leave you satisfied with the greatest reward any hunter can hope for.

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