9.3 x 62 Mauser journal – 3rd edition

The list of contributors to the 9.3 Journal, reads like an All-Star movie cast. Larry Schuknecht introduces us to Herr Bock and cartridge guru and author of several books and countless magazine articles, Pierre van der Walt, is synonymous with the 9.3 Journal. The reader gets to hunt with famous Dr. Kevin “Doctari” Robertson and his Brno 9.3×62 in the Zimbabwean hunting concessions while former editor of African Outfitter Magazine, Dr. Mauritz Coetsee introduce the reader to both the 9.3×74 as well as the 9.3×62. Don “Ganyana” Heath has his last say on an angry elephant he had to put down using his 9.3×62 and a single Norma Mono solid. Frequent contributor to the Hatari Times magazine, Dr. Lucas Potgieter, hunts buffalo shoulder to shoulder with a 9.3×62 wielding Rhodesian farmer while Namibian farmer, Hercules Botha sort out a problem bull elephant on his farm.

This is a celebration of the 9.3 X 62 Mauser – that old, grand old work horse that covered generations of hunting years and still does. Its adherents are diehards who refuse to budge from the classic, old-style rifle. It is great for African plains game or deer hunting in America, with its superb accuracy and light recoil. The variety of game animals and settings makes this one of the most interesting cartridges ever produced.

This book is a must for all serious enthusiast who own or shoot the 9.3 x 62 Mauser Cartridge, and will become an important reference for the avid hunter of big game around the world who want to hunt with bullet to stop a charge! It is a full-colour book with over 600 pages of information and data on cartridge development, ballistics, handloading recipes, articles, interviews, technical information and much, much more.

HUMBLE BEGINNINGS -From the 9.3×62’s Centenary in 2005, the 9.3×62 Journal enjoyed unexpected interest. Since the target audience back then were South African hunters, it was first published in A4 magazine format, with a fair number of contributions written in the Afrikaans language. Self-published of course… who knew the 9.3×62 Mauser back then after all?

But readers wanted a book and the 2nd Edition in A5 was printed from 2007 – 2013. The fully revised 3rd Edition English version was underway, but due to many challenges, it took no less 9 years to complete. The result is a 9.3×62 Journal filled with contributions from Spain, Italy, USA, Australia and South Africa with more than 600 full colour pages…

Real life bullet tests, real life experiences, opinions, reports, images and what not, makes the 9.3×62 Journal unequalled in its genre.

This book is available as an E-book or a Paperback – follow the link to get your copy.  https://93x62journal.co.za/

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